Under the Radar: 4 Little Known Steps the Progressive Movement uses to Control Companies to Follow Its Orders

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Few know the tactics used by progressive organizations to influence companies to do their bidding… Take the recent assault on the NRA… More than a dozen corporations that previously offered special rates and discounts to NRA members have stopped doing so. These corporations caved … but they aren’t alone: Conservative TV personalities have been targeted Many companies have started funding …

NRA Vs. Planned Parenthood Donations: Who Gave More?

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This may shock you. The NRA, since 1998 (19 years) donated $3.6 million to politicians. Planned Parenthood in 2016 alone donated $38 million to politicians. Remember that next time the dishonest news media ballyhoos “the powerful gun lobby” owning the politicians. That’s $3.6 million in almost 20 years for the NRA. That’s $38 million in just one year for Planned …

Dumb: NFL’s 49ers Jump Into Gun Control Debate With $500,000 Donation

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Who knew professional football is not just dedicated to sports … but to: Progressive liberal politics Trashing the 2nd Amendment Working with groups trying to restrict your freedoms. Allowing players to “take a knee” to disrespect the National Anthem, thus America in general, the NFL is getting its share of backlash through decreased attendance, less products sold and lower TV …

10 Shocking Realities on the Texas Shooting You Should Know … But You Won’t Find in the Media [Videos]

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It was the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history and American church history. A madman opened fire, killing 26 and wounding 20 in a small church in Texas. If you only are getting your news and updates from social media or the liberal biased media, you wouldn’t have seen some critical facts and events you should know about regarding this …

The #1 Thing You Should Know About the Second Presidential Debate … Scandals … Emails [Video]

The #1 Thing You Should Know About the Second Presidential Debate … Scandals … Emails [Video]

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The debate was awkward. It was tense. It was awkward And awkward, and awkward. It was also very revealing. Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz of ABC were better as moderators then the biased liberal media from the first debate and the VP debate. However, Martha Raddatz did a terrible job of arguing with Donald Trump, rather than just asking questions. …

#1 Reason to Vote for President: The Supreme Court

#1 Reason to Vote for President: The Supreme Court

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The Supreme Court. If nothing else concerns about you about Election 2016, then you need to be concerned about who the next President will nominate to replace the upcoming retirements on the Court. Three to four new Supreme Court justices will be appointed for life. These appointees will either be judicial activists (JA) who believe in legislating from the bench …

Vote For--Not Against--Your Values: Join Us for An Election Forum Near You!

Vote For–Not Against–Your Values: Join Us for An Election Forum Near You!

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It’s Election Season! Remember, we need you to vote for–not against–your values. And with 17 Propositions, plus all the confusing, conflicting propaganda out there, it’s very easy to get confused and discouraged, even frustrated enough not to vote at all! Don’t let someone else’s vote determine the future of our state or our country! Come to an Election Forum near you, …

Hillary Clinton: Enemy of the Right to Self Defense

Hillary Clinton: Enemy of the Right to Self Defense

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Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton does not like guns. She counts her hostility toward the National Rifle Association as a plus. She wants to gut and amend, if not outright repeal the Second Amendment. The Democratic nominee has outlined six proposals she would pursue as President. Australian-style gun control. After a horrendous gun massacre in 1996, the Australian government passed …