Watch This Pastor Standing Strong, Calling Out Other Pastors Who Are Silent: Pastor Brings Fiery Passion and Truth to The School Board, Parents, Christians and Pastors [Must-See Video]

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Pastors from the start of our nation spoke out against evil and wrongs. You must see this short video of a pastor who just spoke out. Let me explain. Pastor John Amanchukwu, like most parents, had enough of his local school teaching critical race theory (CTR), gender theory, and intersexuality instead of the basics: reading, science, math, English, and history. …

And Finally… “A Charlie Brown Christmas” [Short Video]

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Christmas time is here… Happiness and cheer… Fun for all that children call… Their favorite time of the year… Since 1965, “A Charlie Brown Christmas” has captured hearts of children and resonated with generations of families celebrating the holiday year after year. While you won’t find the classic on broadcast TV in 2022, you can stream it on Apple TV+. …

The War on Christmas and the Indifference of Most [3 Little-Known Things You Should Know and 3 Powerful Things to Do]

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For years we have seen the war on Christmas escalate… For years we have seen Christmas become more and more secularized… For years we’ve seen the real story of Christmas fade into the background… almost to the point of disappearing altogether. Many in the business world have ordered employers and advertising to ban any mention of the word Christmas. And many politicians, bureaucrats and so called “health experts” have simply said …

The American Government’s Sounds of Silence: China and Iran in Revolt Against Tyranny — U.S. Government Silent [VIDEO]

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The people of China and Iran are revolting against tyranny. They have had enough of having every aspect of their lives controlled by socialist/communist regimes that treat the population like cattle, with no basic human rights. Thousands are flooding the streets across China and Iran in protest of their respective governments. Yet, the mainstream and social media and the Biden …

Finally… Californians Move to Texas Episode 4: The Gun Range

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When I moved from California to Tennessee, I immediately secured a concealed carry permit. I had to go to the gun range and learn how to shoot. Shelly and I both thought the experience was great. The Babylon Bee has released a fourth episode of their “Californians Move to Texas” series. See episode one (Moving Day) HERE, episode two (The …

Californians Move to Texas Part Two: The Cookout [Hilarious Video Spoof]

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Enjoy this hilarious video of a Los Angeles couple new to the state of Texas. The cultural shock between California and free states is highlighted and you’re going to laugh at the contrast. It’s about 6 minutes long. You’ll love it. Watch the interaction at the cookout with their friendly neighbors HERE. What do you think? Email me at

3 Nights of Fear, Blood and Gore: Reality or Media Fear Mongering… or both?

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I locked my door twice. I closed my bedroom sliding door. It may have been irrational but let me explain what happened. I was in Los Angeles, California and muted the local nightly news three nights in a row. Here are the news stories I saw the first half hour: Street vendors violently beaten – growing danger. Street takeovers. This …

The New Great American Fight for Freedom: 3 Powerful Videos That Reflect the Skyrocketing Revolt Against Unjust Mandates Sweeping Across America – Courageous People Spontaneously Standing Up for What’s Right and Demanding Injustice Stop [Must See Videos]

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What is happening across America? A revolt of ordinary Americans that I’ve never seen before. Here are 3 powerful, short video examples every American should see. These are being censored by Big Tech, but we have censor-free videos for you to view. 1. Parents fighting against forced masks for kids. Watch this short 6-minute video as these parents speak out …