Dumb: NFL’s 49ers Jump Into Gun Control Debate With $500,000 Donation

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Who knew professional football is not just dedicated to sports … but to:

  • Progressive liberal politics
  • Trashing the 2nd Amendment
  • Working with groups trying to restrict your freedoms.

Allowing players to “take a knee” to disrespect the National Anthem, thus America in general, the NFL is getting its share of backlash through decreased attendance, less products sold and lower TV ratings.

Now gun-rights groups are slamming the San Francisco 49ers for making a $500,000 donation to another gun control effort in the form of “an outreach campaign.”

“Why kneel in disrespect to the flag when you can stand and trample the Constitution?” asked the NRA.

The NFL hasn’t figured it out yet. Mixing gun control and politics is bad for sports.

My old friend, Alan Gottlieb, chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, said the 49ers and the NFL are injecting too much politics into the game.

“Professional football is supposed to be a sporting event that entertains and thrills fans, not help finance efforts to erode their constitutional rights. Politics is threatening to ruin the games.”

I guess the NFL never got the memo.

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