How One College is Fighting Back the Radical Socialist Agenda

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Why do they hate America?  Why do they oppose individual liberty?  Why are so many young people antisemitic?  The radical socialists in the public high schools and colleges dominate the faculty and the administration, teaching ideology and political transformation.  They are indoctrination mills.  But there are a few private and Christian colleges that have not compromised their values.  Pepperdine University …

Baseball on the field

Faith in Action: First World Series Championship in Team History [VIDEO]

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Faith was proclaimed at this year’s World Series. The winning team, the Texas Rangers was the only team that refused to force its players to participate in LGBTQ events. So, they became “controversial” and no one really thought they would be in the World Series. In fact, two unlikely teams played each other in this year’s Major League Baseball (MLB) …

Hate in a board with duster

Christian Hate Crime Manifesto: Finally, Part of it Leaked– Here are 4 Shocking Things You Should Know

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Hate killed children and adults at the Covenant School in Nashville. The shooter identified as transgender and left a manifesto that explained why she did it. This was a Christian hate crime, though the media and the radical left not only wanted to bury it, but actually turn it around as an example of discrimination against transgenders. Finally, a partial …

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Homeschooling Nightmare Becomes Temporary Victory: German Homeschoolers’ US Asylum is Revoked after 15 Years

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In 2008, I wrote about the plight of German parents Uwe and Hannelore Romeike. In 2006, they received a calling from God to homeschool their 5 children. In Germany, homeschooling is illegal, and all children must attend government-run schools from the age of six to 15. So, when the Romeike’s pulled their children out of the government-run school system, the …

Civil Society in America

Why the Government Can’t Mandate a Civil Society: How Americans Traditionally Step Up Without Government Coercion

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It could have been a horrific disaster… just pure torture, sitting on a plane with about 79 hot, sweaty, hungry, uncomfortable people and a bunch of crying kids… However, a miracle happened… One no one expected but was keenly observed and predicted over 180 years ago. It all started when American Airlines flight 5085 was scheduled to depart Little Rock, …

Court Victory

Six Outstanding Court Victories Protecting Your Rights and Freedom

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Lately, it seems that Americans are hearing nothing but bad news about the direction of our country. However, there have been some great judicial victories that the biased media will not report. Here are 6 outstanding court victories protecting your rights and freedom… #1- Court Victory- Second Amendment Protected U.S. District Judge David Urias blocked New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan …

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Election Reality: Why Millions of Voters Who Were Going to Vote Conservative Didn’t

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After one recent election, I looked at the list of who did not vote. Many targeted, friendly potential voters had said in the door-to-door and phone conversations they would vote. But they didn’t. Some of the non-voters were what is called “high-propensity” voters. These are the most likely to vote because they had voted in the last several elections. But …

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6 Short Items You Should Know, but the Media Won’t Tell You

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Newsom Tramples Parental Rights and Local School Board Control Over His Indoctrination Curriculum Gov. Gavin Newsom threatened to fine Temecula California school district $1.5 million over its rejection of a state-approved social studies curriculum that was biased indoctrination for kids. So much for parental rights, local school boards and Democracy. The school board unanimously voted to adopt a compromised version …

John Rich

Industry Shocker: John Rich’s New Song “Progress” Overcomes Censorship [Video]

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John Rich is a Nashville singer and songwriter. He doesn’t have a music label… He has no music publisher… He doesn’t even have a PR firm… But he has great talent, a passion for truth, and a loyal fanbase. He just released a new song called Progress directly onto Truth Social and Rumble. The skyrocketing success of Progress surprised everyone, …

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Company Bravely Runs Two Ads Standing Up for Women – Attacks Bud Light and Other Companies Promoting Radical Transgenderism [VIDEO]

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A Florida based boutique timepiece and jewelry firm, has done it again. Egard Watches founded by IIan Srulovicz, followed up on its “what is a woman” ad with a new spot calling out Budweiser and Nike for embracing radical transgrenderism. The Commercial is titled, “ERASED – A message to woke corporate America (Nike & Budweiser),” and features a young woman …