Dumb: NFL’s 49ers Jump Into Gun Control Debate With $500,000 Donation

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Who knew professional football is not just dedicated to sports … but to: Progressive liberal politics Trashing the 2nd Amendment Working with groups trying to restrict your freedoms. Allowing players to “take a knee” to disrespect the National Anthem, thus America in general, the NFL is getting its share of backlash through decreased attendance, less products sold and lower TV …

The Death of Sports? [videos]

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Sports have been politicized. Watch the videos below from Tucker Carlson to see why Americans can “no longer bond” over football, and his discussion with both reporter Joe Concha, and with two former professional football players on the recent controversy over protests in the NFL. Historically, sports are a part of culture that we can all enjoy together, right? At …

Liberal Bias in Sports: Major League Turn-off

Liberal Bias in Sports: Major League Turn-off

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In sports entertainment, the liberal, anti-American bias is wearing on viewers. ESPN’s ratings have fallen fast, and more Americans are not watching football anymore. The biggest reason? The sportscasters and networks are showcasing disrespectful players like Colin Kaepernick, who continue to kneel during every national anthem. His anti-American actions have turned off millions of views, offended by his sense of liberal …