Elon Musk: Will He Help Save America? (Powerful 3-Minute Video Interview with Craig Huey)

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Elon Musk is shaking up Big Tech and the supporters of censored, biased news. A take over of Twitter could change the 2022 election. It can restore worldwide voices for freedom that have been silenced. It can stop the censorship and allow America to see the reality now suppressed by biased media. I took this issue up with Jeremy Slayden …

Supreme Court Abortion Bombshell Illegally Leaked – 6 Facts You Should Know As the Media and Politicians Go Ballistic

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The Supreme Court is striking down the courts Roe vs. Wade abortion decision saying there is no constitutional right to abortion. It’s historic. It’s disruptive. It’s a bombshell. We were not supposed to know the decision until late June or July. But it was illegally leaked to the public. Here are six stunning facts you should know that caused the …

Canceling Conservative and Christian TV Update: DirecTV’s Insulting Postcard Canceling OAN – Should Subscribers Cancel Their Subscription?

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Should DirecTV Subscribers cancel their subscriptions? Let me tell you what I decided to do. As a DirecTV subscriber, I just received a postcard not signed by anyone, just from the “DirecTV Team.” In this impersonal postcard, they talked about new programming and the programs they are eliminating. It is small and almost unreadable 6-point type. They are dropping A …

The Growing Censorship of Conservative/Libertarian and Christian TV – My Explosive National Interview

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There is a growing censorship of conservative/libertarian TV and Christian TV. It’s wrong. It’s dangerous. It’s happening with little opposition. OAN and Newsmax and FOX are all being hit. It’s a very dark moment in American history if we allow this to happen. I was recently interviewed by Pastor Greg Young of the Chosen Generation Podcast/national radio broadcast. Here are …

Finally…One of the Most Outstanding…and Humorous…Talks at CPAC was the Dynamic Talk Given by Senator Kennedy

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You’ve got to hear this. It’s classic. It will make you smile. It will make you listen to the end. It’s only about 16-minutes…but boy is it worth it. Senator Kennedy tells it like it is and I would love to get your feedback on it. Click HERE. What do you think? Let me know at craig@craighuey.com.

Censorship Escalates: OAN Banned on DirecTV. Are FOX and Christian Programming Next? [Emergency Petition] – 8 Shocking Facts You Should Know

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The radical pro-socialists want to censor and ban from the media anyone they disagree with. They call it “disinformation” or “misinformation.” Now the conservative network, One America News Network (OAN) has been canned by DirecTV. Who is next? Here are eight shocking facts you should know…and two important things you can do now to stop this madness. Fact #1: DirecTV …

A Crime Against Humanity: The FDA/CDC Suppression of Alternative Therapies Exposed by Prominent Doctor [Video]

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Dr. Pierre Kory was interviewed recently and talked about how a half-million people may have died needlessly of COVID. He called it “a crime against humanity.” Why? It was because of the FDA/CDC, the Biden administration, and Dr. Fauci’s single focus on experimental vaccinations to stop infection or transmission of COVID-19. What was dismissed were existing medications that showed promise for helping …

‘Wow. Just Wow.’: Christian Singer Natalie Grant Stuns America with Powerful National Anthem Performance [Video]

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Christian singer Natalie Grant stunned the audience…and the video got more than 120,000 views on one YouTube video alone. Natalie Grant sang the national anthem before the College Football Playoff championship football game between Alabama and Georgia, Jan. 10th, 2022, in Indianapolis. “Last night was a thrill,” Grant wrote. “Beyond grateful for the opportunity. Last words in my mind before the first note, ‘Jesus, be …

Dr. Malone Exposes Covid Lies and Myths: 21 Shocking Takeaways from the Joe Rogan Show After Both Were Banned by Twitter for Saying This…[Plus 3 Short but Powerful Video Clips You Must See]

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Dr. Malone was a well-respected scientist, doctor, and vaccine inventor. In fact, one of the things he invented were nine original mRNA vaccines that have patents. Dr. Malone recently broke his silence about the lies and myths Big Pharma, the medical establishment, the media and politicians have spread. Dr. Malone is smart, direct and one of the most credible and …