Under the Radar: 4 Little Known Steps the Progressive Movement uses to Control Companies to Follow Its Orders

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Few know the tactics used by progressive organizations to influence companies to do their bidding…

Take the recent assault on the NRA…

More than a dozen corporations that previously offered special rates and discounts to NRA members have stopped doing so.

These corporations caved … but they aren’t alone:

  • Conservative TV personalities have been targeted
  • Many companies have started funding progressive groups and causes

How does it happen?

Here are the under-the radar tactics the progressives use whenever they want to pressure companies to cave in to their demands:

  1. They build a hit list.

They make a list of all the companies and corporations … their presidents, marketing directors … board of directors … anyone in the company having influence on corporate decisions.

They include contact information for the company leaders – phone numbers, email addresses … Twitter account information, etc.

  1. They organize.

They email their own members and ask them to write or call the company leaders on the list … and to encourage their friends on social media to do the same.

  1. They generate support and new followers using petitions.

They create a petition encouraging a boycott of the companies listed in Step1 – or demanding some other action by the companies in Step 1.

They ask their progressive members to sign the petition … and to share the petition on social media to gain additional signers … thus building their database of supporters.

The petition is then used to raise funds and to expand their database…

The progressive group then emails the new database of petition signers and asks them to contact the target companies … and to encourage their friends on social media to do the same (Step 2).

  1. They use digital marketing to create momentum and organizational expansion.

The petition signers are used to create a look-alike database – a group of likeminded people on Facebook and Google – who are sent the petition from Step 3.

This technique generates hundreds or even thousands of new supporters.

The targeted companies listed in Step 1 end up getting hundreds of emails and phone calls.

Just imagine if a CEO suddenly receives 50 phone calls … or 500 calls … or 5,000 calls…

He then sees emails flooding in … and his twitter feed goes crazy. Every time they are on Facebook, they see paid ads. It’s overwhelming.

These corporate executives are afraid … very afraid … and they cave.

It doesn’t take a lot to make it look like the whole world is against you…

They fear negative press and loss of revenue if they don’t cave in to the demands of the progressive groups.

More than two dozen companies offering discounts and incentives to NRA members were targeted by ThinkProgress … and about half of them have ended their business relations with the NRA.

Do conservative, libertarian or Christian groups use these tactics? No.

Should they? Yes.

It’s easy to do. I do it.

I use it for clients.

But too many groups market like it was 1995, not 2018.

Unfortunately the progressives know how to mobilize supporters for their causes … we don’t.


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  1. We must somehow get the conservative people to get into the act like the crazy liberals so as to counteract their actions. How do we kick the buts to get them moving (including me.)

    (Note: Even though we now live in Kentucky, I was one of your precinct walkers and walkers transport with my Chevy Astro Van. Keep giving them HELL so we can win.)

  2. How do conservatives market like the liberal? I’m on Twitter and we have several groups. On there you can only have 50 ppl to a group and we all keep up with each other. We are all conservatives and are for POTUS.

  3. While I am not at all happy about some of the negative things you write about, I am happy that you are aware of what is going on and tell us about what needs to be done to counteract these negative trends.

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