Liberal Bias in Sports: Major League Turn-off

Liberal Bias in Sports: Major League Turn-off

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In sports entertainment, the liberal, anti-American bias is wearing on viewers.

ESPN’s ratings have fallen fast, and more Americans are not watching football anymore.

The biggest reason?

The sportscasters and networks are showcasing disrespectful players like Colin Kaepernick, who continue to kneel during every national anthem. His anti-American actions have turned off millions of views, offended by his sense of liberal entitlement.

The sports teams' political stances are turning off viewers (Credit: Sporting News)

The sports teams’ political stances are turning off viewers (Credit: Sporting News)

He is also a terrible player. Instead of playing real football, the games are getting overrun with regulations, penalties, and flag-tossing, all reminiscent of the safe-space culture on college campuses.

If news networks and sports franchises want to improve their ratings, they need to:

  1. Focus on reporting instead of spinning a liberal narrative
  2. Promote the values of average viewers instead of shaming them to accept
  3. Provide something insightful and interesting to watch, rather than pushing a political agenda

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  1. What I have noticed for about three years now is something has been changing in the NFL. I have also noticed that our high positions of power have been slowly been giving in to the wishes and whims of the new so-called movement to accept “same sex: agendas. The gay and lesbian position of power has been taking over in our society and to their defense whenever something happens or is said, they immediately cry “Not Fair and our Civil Rights have been abused!” So, in the wake of being politically correct we have assigned many positions of power over to the homosexual persuasion.

    Football is played on a gridiron. It is an American national sport that reflects war battle that has strategy and plans around attack and defense. It is rough and played by “macho smash mouth men” who love to display their feats of strength and agility. To run over an opponent and collect points. It has rules and it also has penalties for breaking those rules just like in life. Unfortunately it does have a cost. That cost can come in the form of broken bones, cuts and bruises. Sometimes it can dish out paralysis and even death.

    If a man is unprepared when going into battle he risks losing his life. He knows this and even in bar-room brawls over some of the stupidest issues men are prepared to dish out punishment. This is a male trait go into battle and defend what is yours. Sports is no different.

    Well, as our society has embraced some idiotic liberal theologies lately, . . so goes the meaning of true machismo! The gay and lesbian agenda has seeped into this male touch sport. Fairness has no place in war. To win, at all cost is the goal! Be it broken legs, torn ACL’s, cuts and bruises! This sport is rough and is about war! Screen passes, throwing the bomb, blitzes, sidelines, outta bounds and the terminology list goes on and on associated with war! You can’t say, “Oh, that hit was too hard!”

    Rules and regulations have been set in place for a reason. Unsportsmanlike conduct is not acceptable but brutal collisions to an end is part of the game sensitive people! To say someone was hit too hard is panzy stupid! For Colin and his selfish liberal agenda on the sideline is another thing! He says that he is playing and making millions of dollars while people are being killed or don’t have enough to eat? Is he saying what I think he is saying? He wants to make it fair? Then he can give what he wants to anybody he wants and I’ll line up at his door. But, he needs to stop!

    Get that socialistic, communistic, fairness crap outta here and play the game you have a “paid for in blood” privilege to play it in country and shut up!

  2. Very ugly and disgusting picture.

    They’ve had all the benefits from the country and successes all the way to the NFL.
    The country has given them prosperity but no respect to the symbol flag of the country?

    Anybody who think this man is cool, he is also a moron.

    Yes, you bet! He also praises ‘Fidel Castro’ too. The dictator & murderer in 20 century!
    In reality, social communism is dead in everywhere but this brainless idealists still romanticize it and following young people fantasize it without the true history lesson.

    A person can immigrate to here. Also a person can get out of the country if he doesn’t like this nation.

    What happened to all the celebrities who would get out of country if Trump win?
    Please go ahead!

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