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Hillary’s Economic Policies: Forced Redistribution of Wealth Instead of Job Growth [Video]
Hillary Clinton has disclosed her economic plan. I’ve written and spoken on economic policy for over 30 years … and[...]
The Marketing Blunders of Donald Trump v. Hillary Clinton [Video]
Who’s winning the marketing race for the 2016 Election? Hillary Clinton has already spent $50 million on TV ads. What[...]
Hillary Clinton: Enemy of the Right to Self Defense
Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton does not like guns. She counts her hostility toward the National Rifle Association as a[...]
These Three Slides Say it All: Hillary, Bernie, Donald
Not sure whom to vote for in Election 2016? Let these three slides show you how the remaining front-runners rank[...]
Mother of Benghazi Victim to Hillary: You’re Lying!
Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton informed the public that an offensive video inflamed terrorists to attack the American consulate[...]
Hillary, Bernie, Donald, Ted, Marco, and John. Who Is Left/Right, Liberal/Conservative?
See where each candidate can be found on the political left/right spectrum. Whom do you want to see be the[...]
Trump Wins, Hillary Crushed
Donald Trump (Credit: Deanne Morris) The 2016 Presidential election primary in New Hampshire shook up the Presidential race. Here are[...]
Shocker: How Cruz Beat Everyone Else, and Hillary Almost Lost: 8 Things You Should Know
The Iowa Presidential primary results are in, and they shocked the liberal media, the establishment politicians, and the candidates themselves.[...]
Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton – Economic Policies of Central Planning
Massive government spending has created an $18 Trillion national debt. We have the highest unemployment since the mid-70’s under President[...]
Hillary Clinton’s Dishonesty
We desperately need a leader in the White House who has integrity, character and honesty. Many question whether Hillary fits[...]
Hillary’s World: Where Opponents of Mass Murder Are Worse Than Terrorists
Hillary Clinton recently compared pro-life Republican candidates to terrorist groups. Watch the clip here: According to Hillary, a moral[...]


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