Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton – Economic Policies of Central Planning

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Massive government spending has created an $18 Trillion national debt.

We have the highest unemployment since the mid-70’s under President Carter – over 10%.

Despite the claims of the President, the recession, for many, has not recovered.

This is because massive spending, central planning and regulations have killed job opportunities and business growth.

It’s business growth that creates jobs and it’s business growth that is strangled by the taxes and regulations.

Yet, that’s what we see with the economic policies of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. They have an assumption that government is able to solve our economic problems.

The reality is what Ronald Reagan said, “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.”

Let’s look at some of the policy recommendations of Hillary Clinton:

  • “Let’s build those faster broadband networks.” But this is what has been happening with the private sector without governments. This year, Barack Obama and the FCC instituted network neutrality. Reversing this government power grab would provide what Hillary says she wants.
  • “Quality affordable childcare” – but this is not the role of government. It is the role of communists, Nazis, socialist governments. Childcare is something that is local, that is private.
  • Hillary wants to rearrange stock buy-backs and stock investing, which she calls, “corporate raiders.” But this is simple another term for big repressive government and big repressive labor, trying to control the market. It would be completely counter-productive.
  • She wants an extension of overtime for anyone earning $50k plus, and she wants to expand the unions – something that will help ?? at the expense of those losing their jobs, or never getting a raise over $50,000.
  • She wants to expand paid family days, mandate more sick leave, increase overtime pay and raise the minimum wage higher. These are policies that would cripple small business, cripple small companies that are start-ups and hurt those employees that are trying to get started in the workplace and learn a skill.
  • She wants to make investments in cleaner renewable energy, yet we’ve seen one company after another fail, like Solyndra, with billions of dollars being wasted. It’s time to let individual investors make the investments, not the taxpayers.
  • She says, in her conclusion, “How do we respond to technological change in a way that creates more good jobs than it displaces or destroys? What are the best ways to nurture start-ups outside the successful corridors like Silicon Valley?” But government can’t do this, and it should not do this. The Technological Revolution is creating wealth and jobs and opportunity and a better life for all of us, without the government. The best way to nurture start-ups is to be able to allow people to be free to innovate.

It’s these types of regulations that kill start-ups, that kill the flexibility that a company needs to be able to survive and grow. While she may wish it, let her run a business, let her try it. This is not an age where everyone punches a time clock and works the same number of hours, according to regulatory rules and regulations. That would not produce economic growth. That is contrary to economic freedom and is not found in a free society.

Government has proven itself inept and incompetent, and bureaucracies cannot innovate or create. They stagnate and produce mediocrity and a waste of taxpayers’ money. Just look at your local Department of Veterans Affairs, the waste from the Department of Education, the military or Obamacare.

Centralized planning does not work. Never has, never will. And Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will destroy jobs and stagnate the economy with their policies.

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