Economic Strategies of Hillary: Compulsory Redistribution of Wealth Instead of Job Expansion

Hillary’s Economic Policies: Forced Redistribution of Wealth Instead of Job Growth [Video]

Craig HueyFree Markets and Socialism 2 Comments

Hillary Clinton has disclosed her economic plan.

I’ve written and spoken on economic policy for over 30 years … and Hillary’s plan is a road to failure.

  • Higher unemployment
  • Stagnant wages
  • Slowdown in technology
  • Higher prices
  • More debt

It’s a plan for more redistribution of wealth instead of wealth creation.

This economic malaise has become the norm under the Obama Administration.

High taxes.

More fees.

Longer and more complicated regulations.

All of it hurts small businesses, and discourages larger firms from expanding.

Job growth is weak, unemployment is high, and there is no sign of relief.

Democratic President candidate Hillary Clinton’s economic plan is more of the same.

Her economic program includes the following:

  1. Higher income taxes for the so-called rich, including a 4% increase on top income earners, making it 43.9%
  2. Higher corporate and capital gains taxes, even though we already have the highest corporate tax rate in the world, topping at 39%.
  3. The death tax—Clinton wants to keep it instead of repealing it.
  4. Taxes on stock transactions—which will hurt your 401(k) and retirement plans
  5. Massive (stimulus) spending on infrastructure
  6. More mandated rules on small businesses—rules that are killing jobs and businesses

Her plan is actually worse than Obama’s, since even he has paid some lip-service to corporate tax reform.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton with Former Socialist President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela

As for Hillary Clinton …

Her plan is all about ending inequality and pushing a perverse form of social justice, in which everyone is poorer. She keeps talking about the Top 1% paying their fair share, when they already pay more than their fair share.

Lower taxes for investors, producers, and working families means more money for investment, expansion, and job growth.

That means more economic opportunity for everyone!

Hillary Clinton’s economic policies are stuck in the past, and will not help anyone stuck in poverty to get out!

Check out the video here:

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  1. When you live off the govt, i.e., taxpayer, who cares about doing better, esp. if several generations of your family has lived the same way. If you’re getting by, what more could you want? 20-30 somethings just entering the job market don’t realize, or my not want to recognize, that they won’t experience upward mobility since all their “extra” income above a certain level will be taken by the govt for the “have-nots,” thereby ensuring everyone is at the same income level, subsistence. Once the govt. supports the majority of US residents, it then controls them–protest, and your food/housing allowance is cut off, ensuring the govt. elite remains in power, and in control.

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