Hillary’s World: Where Opponents of Mass Murder Are Worse Than Terrorists

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Hillary Clinton recently compared pro-life Republican candidates to terrorist groups.

Watch the clip here:


According to Hillary, a moral society champions the grotesque mass-murder of living, breathing, heart-beating unborn human babies. In-fact, videos just released indicate that infanticide – the grotesque mass-murder of newborn babies – is also part of women’s “health care.” (Note: Hillary voted against the partial-birth abortion ban when she was in the Senate.)

And it is pro-lifers who are like terrorists.

Those who OPPOSE the mass-murder of living human beings are like those who EXECUTE mass-murder of human beings?

Hillary characteristically accuses pro-lifers for wanting to deny women other health services.

Reminder: Not a single Planned Parenthood facility is licensed to do mammograms. And contraceptives, pregnancy tests, and other cancer screenings are provided at low or no cost by the state, locally, and numerous non-profit clinics.

Here is Marco Rubio’s response to Clinton’ attack (and other news):


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