Hillary Clinton: Enemy of the Right to Self Defense

Hillary Clinton: Enemy of the Right to Self Defense

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Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton does not like guns.

She counts her hostility toward the National Rifle Association as a plus.

She wants to gut and amend, if not outright repeal the Second Amendment.

The Democratic nominee has outlined six proposals she would pursue as President.

  1. Australian-style gun control.

After a horrendous gun massacre in 1996, the Australian government passed sweeping, strict control laws, which included:

a. Mass confiscation/forced trade-in for market value

b. Specific classifications for different firearms

c. Mandatory waiting periods and repeated training courses

  1. Allow crime victims to sue gun manufacturers. This is crazy. Would we sue a car manufacturer if a drunk driver killed a family that was walking along on a sidewalk?

  1. Allow crime victims to sue gun sellers. Again, why are we turning law-abiding businessmen into criminals or forcing them into liability when someone else committed the crimes with the firearms?


  1. Replace instant background checks with indefinite background checks. Criminals are afforded the right to a speedy and public trial in the United States Constitution. Why should any law-abiding citizen be forced to wait for an unspecified period of time to own a firearm?


  1. Outlaw private sales. This proposal would shut down gun shows and even individual transactions, even trades between family members. This is going too far! Most gun crimes occur with a stolen or illegal firearm.


  1. Use no-fly list bans to limit gun purchases. Interest groups left and right have denounced this gun control tactic. No one should be convicted of a crime unless proven guilty. No-fly lists provide no due process, and have unfairly targeted individuals who have committed no crime.

Hillary Clinton’s gun control agenda should frighten anyone who cares about individual liberty, self-defense, and even those who want to stop gun violence. Numerous studies have proven over and over: gun control has no effect on deterring gun crime.


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  1. Hopefully we have more intelligent people then free loading Americans and illigals who will vote the right way. But in the long run God is in control and most Americans don’t believe in him, so we law abiding people are sitting ducks waiting for the blast.

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