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Attention business owners and marketing directors, as you may know I own an ad agency, and have won over 94 marketing awards.  We have helped companies survive, grow, and prosper during five different recessions.  I have created a special webinar for your company, it’s called Marketing and Advertising During the Historic Pandemic Crisis:  7 Emergency Actions Presidents and Marketing Directors Should …

Business Owner? Marketing Director? Church or Organization Leader?

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I’m doing a special webinar for Presidents and Marketing Directors on MARKETING & ADVERTISING DURING THE HISTORIC PANDEMIC CRISIS: “7 Emergency Actions Presidents & Marketing Directors Should Do Immediately in this Economic Collapse.” I hope you’ll join me.  It’s free.  Learn more here. What do you think? Email me at Craig@craighuey.com.

Boot Camp for Candidates, Pastors, and Organizational Leaders: It Will Change What You’re Doing to Transform Culture and Politics

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Politics has changed. The 2020 elections are going to be different than in 2018 … which was unlike any other election before. That is why I am doing an emergency candidate/organization/pastors marketing boot camp. It’s designed for: Candidates Organization Leaders Campaign Managers Pastors and Leaders I’m calling the boot camp “Transforming America Bootcamp: The How To’s Of Advanced Marketing and …

Strategy of Deception: Changing History by Omission

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My wife and I went to Washington, D.C. for a meeting this past July. If you’ve been to Washington, D.C., you know how awesome it is… If you haven’t been there for a while, it’s well worthwhile to visit … from the Museum of the Bible to the Lincoln Memorial to the halls of Congress… It’s a spectacular place – …

Perhaps You’re the Right Person for the Job – Or Perhaps You Know Someone Who Is

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I’m hoping you might be interested – or might know of someone interested – in working as my Executive Assistant. The right person for this job is someone who is: high energy super detail-oriented and organized people friendly able to coordinate a number of tasks at once Specific job duties include: organizing my intense daily schedule client relations helping manage …

C.S. Lewis Onstage: The Most Reluctant Convert – 4 Reasons to See This

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My wife Shelly and I will soon be seeing C.S. Lewis Onstage… I hope you will see it also. It’s a must see! Let me explain… C.S. Lewis Onstage: The Most Reluctant Convert is an exclusive theatrical performance of the life and conversion of C.S. Lewis – portrayed brilliantly by award-winning actor Max McLean. This is a performance you don’t …

Job Opportunities: Be an Active Part of Helping Turn America Around

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You have several opportunities to become directly involved in our efforts to make a positive impact on our culture and politics … and to help turn America around. I currently have paid job openings in the following areas: Copywriter/Editor. Can you write with power and clarity? I need help with: Website copy and digital copy Newsletter articles – Do you …

Plan to Join Me at FreedomFest 2019

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There’s no other conference like FreedomFest. It’s a once-a-year, one-of-a-kind 3-day extravaganza in Las Vegas. I’ve been a speaker at FreedomFest since the first year … and many of my Huey Report readers have joined me… It’s probably the best conference for conservatives, libertarians and Christians ever put together. This year, I’ll be speaking on: Socialism: the most dangerous political …

Banned by Google … I Need Your Help Now

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I’m shocked. Google is attempting to completely ban us from getting out some of our messages regarding freedom and truth. You can help stop big tech’s vicious war on Christian values … their senseless, bigoted discrimination against conservatives … and their blind censorship of any opposing opinion. Dennis Prager, Alliance Defense Freedom, Pacific Justice Institute, and many others have experienced …

Exciting News! You Get to Be the Miracle America Needs!

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You get to be the miracle America needs … You get to help change the face of politics and culture in our nation … You get to help shift the 2020 election outcome. Last November we experienced the most critical midterm election in decades. We lost many great candidates…such as Congressman Dana Rohrbacher in the 48th District in California. Dana has …