Perhaps You’re the Right Person for the Job – Or Perhaps You Know Someone Who Is

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I’m hoping you might be interested – or might know of someone interested – in working as my Executive Assistant. The right person for this job is someone who is: high energy super detail-oriented and organized people friendly able to coordinate a number of tasks at once Specific job duties include: organizing my intense daily schedule client relations helping manage …

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Wow! This is a Victory for Jobs, Wages and the Economy [Video]

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It’s a huge victory for free-market, pro-growth advocates … and for America. President Trump has appointed Larry Kudlow as Chief Economic Advisor. This is good news for you and your family. When President Trump made the announcement, he commented on Twitter: “Our country will have many years of Great Economic & Financial Success, with low taxes, unparalleled innovation, fair trade …

Historic Job and Wage Boom Ahead? [Video]

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The tax reduction proposed by President Trump could result in a historic economic boom ahead. Expect: Wages… up Jobs Creation … up New innovations…up Entrepreneurship and business startups … up And, yes, millennials with jobs…up. Our economy is ripe for a recession with the massive deficit, skyrocketing national debt and excessive job killing taxes and regulations. But if congress passes …