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Attention business owners and marketing directors, as you may know I own an ad agency, and have won over 94 marketing awards.  We have helped companies survive, grow, and prosper during five different recessions.  I have created a special webinar for your company, it’s called Marketing and Advertising During the Historic Pandemic Crisis:  7 Emergency Actions Presidents and Marketing Directors Should …

Business Owner? Marketing Director? Church or Organization Leader?

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I’m doing a special webinar for Presidents and Marketing Directors on MARKETING & ADVERTISING DURING THE HISTORIC PANDEMIC CRISIS: “7 Emergency Actions Presidents & Marketing Directors Should Do Immediately in this Economic Collapse.” I hope you’ll join me.  It’s free.  Learn more here. What do you think? Email me at Craig@craighuey.com.

A Special Alert

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Finally, our National – and International – subscriber reflect all faiths – and no faith perspective. But, I invite every reader to watch to this 29 minute video I did with Todd and my wife, Shelly.  I have a special message to give you hope and encouragement.  My wife, Shelly has a powerful word to share that I know will …

The Deep State and the War on Christianity [Audio]

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I was recently interviewed by Roger Marsh on his radio program, “The Bottom Line.” I talked about: What the Deep State is. How the Deep State leads to socialism … and economic destruction. How conservatives and libertarians – and the Church – can resist the influence of the Deep State. …and more. It was a very surprising and revealing interview. …

Did You Miss My Interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox? [Video]

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If you missed my recent interview on Fox with Maria Bartiromo on her morning show Mornings with Maria, you should definitely watch it. And if you’ve seen it already, you might even want to watch it again. Why? Because I revealed some shocking facts that took Maria by surprise: High business taxes and regulations are driving businesses out of California …

Advanced Marketing Boot Camp to Help You Transform Our Culture and Politics

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I’ll be giving a free advanced marketing boot camp to help train marketing presidents and directors, plus organizational leaders. It will be held from 10:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m., Wednesday, Nov. 29 in my Torrance offices. Seating is limited. To reserve your place, call 310-212-5727 and ask for Nathan. Here is the Transforming America Advanced Boot Camp Agenda: 1. Why …

Special for Presidents and Marketing Directors: Learn the ’28 New and Surprising Trends for Marketing Products and Services in 2018’ With Craig Huey [Free Webinar]

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As you may know, I run an 87-award-winning advertising agency. And I’d like to invite you to a free webinar if you own a business or are a marketing director. You see, marketing is changing fast. And it’s changing for the better in 2018. The changes occurring for marketers on Facebook and other areas are huge. Even the changes with …

Will I Be Speaking to Your Group?

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I just finished a talk at the Republican Women Federated Club, and Eagle Forum. Plus, I just spoke to the Huntington Valley Baptist Church and Calvary Chapel Golden Springs. We had great crowds at all these events. I’d love to help inform, mobilize and energize your group. Here are the current topics for Shelly and myself: Groups and Clubs How …