California Voter Alert: Three Things You Should Know (Including Election Forum Video on How to Vote For, Not Against, Your Values)

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If you live in California or know someone who does, here is a must-see video presentation on the primary election you should watch. It’s a presentation of the Election Forum at Foothills Church in San Diego County. In the presentation at the Church, I outline four things: What Christian worldview is and how to vote your values. Details on the election as …

Just Got Off the Air: Listen to My 25-Minute National Interview with Bill Martinez. We Discuss How Things Got the Way Are, the Disney Insanity, How to Turn Things Around

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Bill said, “Craig you nailed it.” You’ll get insider info on the upcoming election, who is behind Biden’s policies, what is really going on at Disney, and much more. You can listen to the interview/podcast below. Click HERE. Then let me know what you think. E-mail me at

Election Upset? Tipping the Outcomes by Gerrymandering – 5 Things Every American Should Know

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The 2022 midterm election will be a historic turning point. At issue is who controls the Senate and House – as well as state legislatures across America. Every 10 years – and 2022 is one of them – candidates for office will run in newly redrawn districts. The “pros” thought that since the Republicans have complete control in 23 states …

Revealed: The Democrat Socialists’ Secretive, Under-the-Radar 4-Step Plan to Win the 2022 Election

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The radical Democrat socialists are now pursuing a secretive, under-the-radar 4-step plan to win the 2022 midterm elections. Many groups and organizations are in panic, using advanced marketing and organizing strategies that conservatives, libertarians and Christians are not using. One of these groups is the Democratic National Committee (DNC). This is how the DNC plans to win the 2022 midterm …

Stopping the Madness: How Christians Can Make a Powerful Difference By Voting For, Not Against, Their Values [Video]

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I was recently interviewed by Jason Yates for a national broadcast. The topic was “A Christian Looking at Today’s World and Politics and What Can be Done”. We focused on the seven, key Biblical worldview non-negotiables that could help Christians know how to vote for, not against, their values. But also much more. For example, we talked about Christians who: Aren’t registered to vote …

Stop Voter Fraud Now: Demand All 50 States Must Require Voter ID [Sign Our Petition]

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Voter fraud is a very dangerous reality in the United States today. That’s why we have a voter ID petition to put pressure on state and national leaders, and media, to act. Voter ID will make it nearly impossible to commit voter fraud. Without voter ID, there are multiple ways to commit fraud. [Click HERE to sign]. For example, duplicate …

California’s Recall: Why Did Newsom Win…Is There Any Hope for California? (My Startling Interview with One America News Network Nationwide Broadcast)?

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With the failure of the recall election in California, more businesses and more individuals will be leaving California. Many have given up hope about turning California around. Is there hope? And why did the election turn out the way it did? I was just interviewed by Dan Bell of One America News for a nationwide broadcast on the recall election. …

Special California Recall Insider Alert – 5 Things You Should Know

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Help make history today – call your family, friends, long-lost buddies, church members, neighbors. Text them. E-mail them. But above all call and share this with any Californian, registered or not. 1. Christian California Recall Poll: Who Christians Are Voting for Governor How do evangelical Christians feel about the California Recall election? We asked 100,000 evangelical Christians what they thought. …