Fake News: How the Biased Media Carries Out the Agenda of the Deep State

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At the end of each year, The Daily Caller news service publishes a list of the most blatant fake news stories from the progressive media during the previous year. Here are some of the most flagrant examples of fake news from 2018: 7-year-old migrant girl taken into Border Patrol custody dies of dehydration, exhaustion This headline from the December 13th …

Progressives Deny Existence of a Deep State: America Says the Deep State Exists and is Dangerous

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  The “Morning Joe” crew – and other media elites – are in panic mode…   A recent Monmouth poll showed that 74% of Americans believe in the existence of a Deep State.   The poll described “Deep State” as “a group of unelected government and military officials who secretly manipulate or direct national policy.”   Six out of 10 …

Fake News: Biased Media Goes Ballistic at Truths [Video]

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No one likes to be called out and publicly criticized for making mistakes – especially the news media. If news outlets were actually concerned about reporting the truth rather than pushing a biased narrative, the errors would be ignored. But when over 90% of the media’s reporting about President Trump is critical and negative, what do they expect him to …

CNN Takedown: Gorka Takes Another Whack at Fake News [Video]

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It’s not the first time. And it won’t be the last time. The battle between the biased media and the Trump administration continues to reach new levels of hostility as the Trump team hits back. Trump advisor Sebastian Gorka got into a fiery exchange with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, deriding that it’s “so sad to see CNN fall to this.” …

Media Bias: Advancing a Progressive Ideological Agenda With Fake News [Videos]

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The biased media isn’t covering the news. It’s pushing a political agenda. The progressive journalists are conveniently using the ploy “anonymous sources” to advance a biased and false narrative. News of substance and news objectively reported take a backseat to fake news stories and conspiracy theories involving Trump and anything the Republicans try to pass. For example, a study of …

Facebook, Snopes and Fake News

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Snopes is liberal and biased. And, Snopes “fact checking” is the largest “fact” response site in the world. Its research staff are extremely liberal ideologue and activists…and not objective. Now Facebook is going to use Snopes to identify “fake news.” The bias against Conservatives, Libertarians and Christian viewpoints will result in

Liberal Media Caught and Confronted for Lying [Video]

Liberal Media Caught and Confronted for Lying [Video]

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The liberal media wants to slander and lie in order to discredit President-Elect Donald Trump. The media attacks with false information, innuendo, slurs, and have been constant and consist. What is their justification? How can the defend it? Tucker Carlson talked to one journalist who tried to defend this false onslaught. Amazing interview for those of us who believe in …

Fake News, Fake Hate Crimes: Top 30 Hoaxes Since Election Day 2016

Fake News, Fake Hate Crimes: Top 30 Hoaxes Since Election Day 2016

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Over the last 20 years, I’ve seen big media attention given to terrible hate crimes, acts of racism and wrongful physical injury. I was outraged. Disgusted. Sick. Then I would see a small follow-up story that the person committed the crime to make a point or create publicity for a cause. Now that’s really outrageous, disgusting, and sick! Since Election …