Facebook, Snopes and Fake News

Craig Huey Media 2 Comments

Snopes is liberal and biased. And, Snopes “fact checking” is the largest “fact” response site in the world. Its research staff are extremely liberal ideologue and activists…and not objective. Now Facebook is going to use Snopes to identify “fake news.” The bias against Conservatives, Libertarians and Christian viewpoints will result in

Media Bias: Ratings Crash!

Media Bias: Ratings Crash!

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Election 2016 was historic. A businessman/reality TV star was the underdog going in, but came out victorious against a life-long, corrupt Democratic candidate who had been running for President for 20 years. He also defeated a political machine which had raised hundreds of millions of dollars more than he had. Hillary also depended on a corrupt and fawning media, dedicated …