Unfair and Wrong: ‘Witch Hunt’ on Steroids [Video]

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Since the probe into whether or not President Trump and his team colluded with the Russians to win the election has proven baseless, investigators are “branching out.” That’s a euphemism for a political “witch hunt.” The latest hot topic? Did the President seek to obstruct justice by firing FBI director James Comey, who was investigating “Russia collusion?” Enter former FBI …

Russia Hysteria: How the media is misleading America with lies, half-truths and fake news [Video]

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Have you seen the frightening, intense reports about Russia controlling…well about everything? Take CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS. The hysteria is unrelenting. Tucker Carlson did a great job detailing this politicization of the news. About 6 minutes long. He also had a great expose of the crazy, violent killer in Oregon who was a Bernie Sanders supporter…not reported by the …

Liberal Media Caught and Confronted for Lying [Video]

Liberal Media Caught and Confronted for Lying [Video]

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The liberal media wants to slander and lie in order to discredit President-Elect Donald Trump. The media attacks with false information, innuendo, slurs, and have been constant and consist. What is their justification? How can the defend it? Tucker Carlson talked to one journalist who tried to defend this false onslaught. Amazing interview for those of us who believe in …