ESPN: Progressive, Political Commentary Escalates [Powerful Must-See Video]

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ESPN’s progressive, liberal slant continues to grow.

Now, one of its “SportsCenter” hosts, Jemele Hill, went on a Twitter rant against Trump, calling him a white supremacist.

The Disney-owned ESPN dutifully sent out a memo saying they had a talk with her and that she realized her comments were inappropriate.

But conservatives are fired and censored.

When ESPN sent 100 personnel packing this year due to “restructuring,” sports reporter Britt McHenry said she was let go because she’s an “open conservative.”

But it appears ESPN’s model for success is not Michael Jordan but Che Guevara.

Even ESPN’s own respected “SportsCenter” anchor, Linda Cohn, said politics is hurting the network.

Inserting politics into sports coverage turns viewers off. Period.

ESPN is losing millions of dollars in lost subscribers.

ESPN has lost 12 million subscribers in the last six years, and there’s no sign the decrease is slowing.

Sports used to be an escape from the political world.

I have to agree with him when he says ESPN stands for Endless Stupid Political Nagging.

Here’s a powerful 8-minute video from Tucker Carlson raking ESPN for its leftist political leanings.



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