North Korea: They Can Now Send a Nuclear Bomb Into Your Backyard … Here Is What to Do

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To understand Korea’s emboldened nose-thumbing at wiping out the U.S., look no further than America’s most recent Democratic administrations.

That’s right, Bill Clinton, George Bush and Barack Obama have helped shape North Korea into the belligerent country it is today.

Their foreign policy failures through appeasement have given North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un no reason to fear us.

What he sees is:

  • A weakened U.S. military
  • A lack of resolve to follow through on demands.
  • A country possessing a strange propensity towards punishing its friends (Israel) and helping its enemies (Iran).
  • A reluctance to engage in armed conflict.

You can’t blame Kim Jong-un if he finds it more advantageous to be an enemy rather than a friend of the U.S.

In addition, during the past administrations, the Chinese and Russian military footprint expanded across the globe, as did their military forces.

America’s military, meanwhile, got weaker thanks to the sequester budget agreement under Obama’s watch.

Under President Clinton and his Joint Framework Agreement, North Korea got $4 billion worth of nuclear, energy and economic aid in exchange for halting its nuclear program in 1994.

How did that work out? North Korea is a stronger nuclear power than ever before.

President Bush talked tough, but never followed it with any action.

Then, under President Obama, Kim Jong-Un agreed to halt nuclear tests in exchange for food aid.

How did that work out? North Korea just tested a hydrogen bomb that can be mounted on a ICBM. Experts say it was 17 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that flattened Hiroshima.

Here’s what’s crazy.

As North Korea developed the ability to strike the American mainland with a nuclear payload, and has threatened to do so, many politicians in the U.S. have aimed their condemnation not at Kim Jung-on, but against Trump for his firm rhetorical response to the threat.

When a congressman like Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) says Kim Jong-un is acting more responsibly than Trump, why should North Korea’s supreme leader be worried?

How did this situation get so out of control?

One word: Appeasement.

Neville Chamberlain realized to his horror that appeasing Hitler nearly spelled doom for Europe and Britain.

In much the same way, appeasing Kim Jong-un is bringing the two countries closer to nuclear war.

Kim Jung-on belongs to a ruling family that has:

  1. Broken one arms agreement after another
  2. Is in defiance of U.N. Security Council resolutions

There are those who suggest more appeasement by easing sanctions, suspending joint exercises with South Korea, and toning down the rhetoric.

This strategy has failed miserably and repeatedly in the past.

Offering North Korea a hefty reward for nothing is a losing bet.

We saw it with Iran. The U.S. gave them billions of dollars in cash just to delay their nuclear program, and yet their anti-American threats – and nuclear furnaces – glow hot.

The North Korean dictator is often portrayed as an immature despot, but it is clear he is a shrewd student of history when it comes to the U.S.

Can you blame him if he sees America as a country that punishes its friends and rewards its enemies.

Under appeasement, Kim Jong-un has no reason to reign in his belligerence.

And Trump knows it.

What should you do?

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  1. We are so slow to learn from history when it doesn’t fit our political framework. Sometimes it seems remarkable to me how the left can be so blind. Why should we do the same thing and expect different results? I think a tough stance is the only response.

  2. Appeasement is the key word not only for Kim Jong-Un over the years, but, also for every thing going on in the USA even today! Political Correctness for that sly leader and for all the baloney going on here has got to stop! Yes, by all means, write your congressman’s, write your senator’s, write the President, will it help. Maybe, maybe not, but, our Great God is still in control and his will will be accomplished no matter what. Pray to the Almighty, Holy, & Righteous God for help, too!
    But somewhere, it has got to stop from Jong-Un and here in our USA, and here in California where abuse of power runs rampant by Gov Brown and his cronies.
    Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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