Transforming America Boot Camp: Be a Part of Making Big Changes

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I’ll be giving a special marketing boot camp on using advanced strategies, tactics and media to transform our culture and politics. If you are interested in attending for your organization or non-profit group, this camp is for you. If you want to be part of making big changes, email me and I’ll send you a note. It’s free and there’s …

Powerful Video: Preschoolers and Seniors

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At face value, it sounds like an idea worthy of the Odd Couple. After all, what do preschoolers have in common with nursing home residents? As it turns out, a lot of learning, fun and friendship. Take a nursing home in Seattle, and intersperse inquisitive and active preschoolers among its bored or lonely elderly residents, whose average age is 92. …

Vote For--Not Against--Your Values: Join Us for An Election Forum Near You!

Vote For–Not Against–Your Values: Join Us for An Election Forum Near You!

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It’s Election Season! Remember, we need you to vote for–not against–your values. And with 17 Propositions, plus all the confusing, conflicting propaganda out there, it’s very easy to get confused and discouraged, even frustrated enough not to vote at all! Don’t let someone else’s vote determine the future of our state or our country! Come to an Election Forum near you, …

SB 1146 Stalled, but Not Dead: Stand for Religious Liberty [Petition]

SB 1146 Stalled, but Not Dead: Stand for Religious Liberty [Petition]

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Good News! SB 1146 has stalled in the state assembly. The legislators removed another offensive portion of the bill last week. That part which would have required Christian colleges to report to the state every time a student was expelled for violating the college’s morality codes. But the fight is not over. The state legislature has until August 31 to pass …

Join Me at FreedomFest 2016

Join Me at FreedomFest 2016

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My new video for FreedomFest is here. Watch and learn more about my favorite conference … and my talks. I’ll be speaking with some of the best in America. My two talks will be: 1. MEDIA TRACK Media Blast: Best Ways to Get Your Liberty Message OUT! 2. How to Profitably Grow your Business…The Most Successful Marketing Secrets Used by …

FreedomFest 2016 [Video]

FreedomFest 2016 [Video]

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  I hope you’ll come and join Shelly, Caleb, and me at this year’s FreedomFest. It’s a great program. It goes from July 13 to July 16. And I’d love to see you and talk to you there. I’ll be speaking on the government’s invasion of our privacy, politics, and marketing. There will be 250 speakers, including: Steve Forbes Jon …