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4% of Americans Get Their News from Social Media: What They Think is Truth and Reality is Really Slanted, Biased and Censored – 4 Ways You can Help Promote Truth

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74% of Americans get their news from Apple News, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media channels.

It’s distorted.

It’s slanted.

It doesn’t tell the truth.

They constantly find that their news is either omitted or it’s from a collectivist, statist, socialist point of-view that makes good into evil, and evil into good.

They only hear the benefits of government control and socialism. They never hear about the benefits of free enterprise and freedom.

We need your help to change this.

There are four ways you can do so.

#1: Send our newsletter to your social network.

We have found that our newsletter, whether the person is in their 20s or in their 70s, gives a different point of view than they can find anywhere else.

You can send our newsletter the moment you receive it by forwarding it to people on your list.

You can also take each individual article and post it on Facebook.

You can tweet about it.

#2: We have a variety of videos that you can post on Facebook and other social media.

Most of our articles have a video component. You can share the video links on your social media accounts… and add a few words introducing the video.

#3: You can make tweets about our articles and send them out, or use Parler to let people know about our articles.

For example, it can be as easy as tweeting out, “74% of Americans get their news from social media. What they think is truth and reality is slanted. Click HERE (and post the link to the article).”

#4: Since YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook have marginalized our reach, we are no longer finding that our newsletter is seeing “organic growth”… growth because we are on these platforms.

That is where we need your help in order to reach out with digital marketing and advertising to bring in new subscribers.

For example, with $10, we can reach 1,400 people.

For $20, we can reach 2,800 people.

For $50, we can reach 7,000 people

For $100, we can reach 14,000 people.

For $500, we can reach 70,000 people.

For $1,000, we can reach 140,000 people.

Can you help us expand and grow our ability to educate and mobilize by donating to the Turn American Around Fund? You can do this by clicking here.

You can also donate by calling 1-866-382-2226 or mailing a check to 2817 West End Avenue, Suite 126 #488, Nashville, TN 37203.

Thanks so much.

With your help, you can help Turn American Around. With your help, we can expose the lies and let people see the truth.

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