Our Subscribers Are Telling Us We’ve Been Censored: 3 Simple Ways to Get Around Censorship by Your Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Craig Huey Current Events, Media, Social 2 Comments

Many subscribers are writing to me that in the last 30 days our newsletter links are being censored. Our tech people are shocked at the censorship. People click a link on our newsletter—and nothing. Are you concerned that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might be censoring your Internet connection? ISPs censoring their customers’ Internet connections is something that’s been going …

Media Lie Exposed: Retail Shopping Up, Retail Stores Down--Why?

Media Lie Exposed: Retail Shopping Up, Retail Stores Down–Why?

Craig Huey Economics 2 Comments

Why are so many retail stores closing … and jobs being lost? This past year, retail shopping was up 3%. Online shopping increased by 17%. The media—as usual—is not telling you the truth. I own an ad agency (79 agency award, international clients) and these media lies are so transparent. Yet retail companies are closing stores all over the country! …