Truth or Deception? Be Careful How You Speak in Email and on Social Media [Videos]

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Be careful what you say on social media…

The old style of news media – TV, radio and the press – has been rapidly replaced by up-to-the-minute reports on the Internet … email … Facebook … and other social media.

Sometimes the stories are distorted … or even made up…

Now more than ever, we need to be careful about what we read – and what we post and repost on social media.

Here are 3 principles of honesty and integrity we should follow:

  1. Always tell the truth … and only rely on news sources which do the same.
  2. Always fact-check the stories you read. Go to to get the latest false, potentially false or true emails, posts and news stories.
  3. Make sure people can trust what they receive from you on social media.

If everyone would follow these principles – including news journalists – there would be much less misinformation circulating around the internet and social media.

Watch this video about the declining standards of professional news reporting … and the corresponding declining trust in the news media (5 ¾ minutes). Click here to watch.

Watch this 5-minute video that defines “fake news” and gives some guidelines for determining whether a news story is fake, biased, or objective and true. Click here to watch.

Here’s another informative video about the nature of truth – is it relative or is it fixed? Click here to watch.

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