World Economic Forum Shocked Audience Told the Truth… Some Walked Out in Anger [Must See Video]

World Economic Forum: Shocked Audience Told the Truth… Some Walked Out in Anger [Must See Video]

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The World Economic Forum is a hotbed for Socialism. Speaker after speaker calls for more regulations and control with the goal of creating a “New World Order.” They want full control, with a one-world government—no nations– ruled by the elites. They will be the kings and Queens, and we will be the surfs, eating bugs, owning nothing, and “liking it.” …

Coming Soon: Terrorists Attacking the U.S.—A New Age of Death and Destruction—5 Things You Should Know to Protect Yourself and Your Family

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Thanks to the weakness of Biden and his administration, our enemies are on the move… Biden has even funded some of these groups and countries. And the war on Israel has activated terrorists. This Biden administration/State Department weakness has made America, Israel, and the world a much more dangerous place. Here are 5 terrifying things you should know… 1) Israel …

The Bureaucracy Needs to be Seriously Downsized [VIDEO]

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Downsizing government… That’s not just to stop inflation and the massive debt. That’s not just to stop the indoctrination and wasteful spending. It’s not just to stop censorship and the weaponization of government. We must downsize government to have America move forward again. We must downsize government to have our individual freedom and rights back. We must downsize to have …

Border Crisis Alert

Border Crisis: Terrorist Threats, Illegal Voting, Taxpayer Burden in the Millions—What Every American Should Know [Powerful Free, Short VIDEO]

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Over 8 million people have illegally crossed the border since Biden took office. There have also been over 1.5 million “got-aways,” many of whom are criminals, drug dealers, gang members, and foreign terrorists. I recently spoke with Perry Atkinson, host of Focus Today on his nationwide radio/TV show, about this and so much more. I know you’ll want to watch it. Watch my interview. …


Terrifying: Persecution and Oppression of Christians in India Surprises America [Urgent Petition]

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A historic persecution of Christians is happening in India. Let me explain. India is the world’s second most populated nation, with over one billion inhabitants, and in theory, the largest democracy in the world. Supposedly, the Indian government gives its people the right to choose their own religion. Unfortunately, the startling reality is that Christians — a religious minority in India — face more persecution than …

A man is working in a biolab

Stranger Than Fiction, More Dangerous Than You Can Imagine – Communist Chinese Biolab in America?

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It’s terrifying and strange. A dangerous bio lab that’s: Owned by the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) Had dangerous chemicals, diseases, and genetically engineered viruses. The biolab was making illegal COVID-19 and pregnancy tests. Governor Newsom and the federal government gave the lab over $500,000 in taxpayer money. And it was accidentally discovered operating illegally in California Here are 5 things …

Hands are free from handcuffs

Targeted Christians Fleeing For Their lives: 4 Facts About The Persecuted Church [Video]

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There is historic persecution against Christians worldwide. Christians face discrimination, loss of jobs, beating, jail, total censorship, and much more. And, yes, death. Thousands killed for their faith in Christ and nothing else. And there are “targeted Christians.” I will tell you about one “targeted” Christian family my wife and I met in a minute. There are over 360 million Christians being persecuted worldwide. …

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Religious Freedom And Christian Persecution: What Every American Should Know [Podcast Interview With Nadine Maenza – Free, No Download Necessary]

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In this episode, Shelly and I interview Nadine Maenza, at the International Religious Freedom Conference in the nation’s capital. Nadine is a noted speaker, writer, and policy expert with more than two decades of experience advocating for international religious freedom and is president of the International Religious Freedom Secretary. The Organization coordinates and helps improve religious freedom around the world. …

US Gov Silent on China & Iran Revolt

The American Government’s Sounds of Silence: China and Iran in Revolt Against Tyranny — U.S. Government Silent [VIDEO]

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The people of China and Iran are revolting against tyranny. They have had enough of having every aspect of their lives controlled by socialist/communist regimes that treat the population like cattle, with no basic human rights. Thousands are flooding the streets across China and Iran in protest of their respective governments. Yet, the mainstream and social media and the Biden …