Israel Where the 8 Presidential Candidates Stand FEAT

Israel: Where the 8 Presidential Candidates Stand

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As war escalates in the Middle East between Israel and radical Islamic terrorists, it’s important to know where the presidential hopefuls stand…

The 1st Presidential primary is in a few weeks in Iowa.

In a recent Des Moines Register/NBC News/Mediacom poll, 57% of likely Iowa GOP caucus-goers said the Israel-Hamas war is “extremely important” to them as they evaluate candidates.

Where do Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, Chris Cristi, Robert Kennedy Jr., Joe Biden, and Dean Phillips, stand?

Here’s what they had to say…


1) Gov. Ron DeSantis R.) said:

“We Must not only stand with Israel, but we must support them as they hunt down and eradicate these barbarians. Israel, with the full support of the United States, should kill Hamas members and extinguish their entire infrastructure. America must immediately do these things:

1) Freeze any money Joe Biden made available to Iran.

2) Cut off any and all types of foreign aid flowing to Hamas

3) Immediately shut down America’s wide-open southern border to better protect America.

4) Impose tight sanctions on Iran and take back the $6 billion Biden gave them.”


2) Former President Donald Trump (R.) said:

“I would freeze the $6 billion that Biden gave to Iran and would take a much harder line against Iran. If I were President, the Palestinians would have never attacked. Has anybody noticed that Hamas has returned people from other Countries but, so far, has not returned one American Hostage? There is only one reason for that: NO RESPECT FOR OUR COUNTRY OR OUR LEADERSHIP. I would also reach out directly to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani of Qatar to push for the release of Americans.

Biden caused this war, and it will only get worse!!!

I would also reject refugees from Gaza from entering the United States, and he has called for ideological screenings for those entering the country.”


3) Robert Kennedy Jr. (I.) said:

“The Palestinians in Gaza get more money from international aid than any human beings on earth. Instead of using that money for economic development, to feed their population, to build homes, to help their population, Hamas uses virtually every penny to build 1,300 tunnels, 300 miles of tunnels. They tore up the irrigation systems that were their food supply to turn the pipes into rockets. You can’t name a country anywhere in the world that will put up with 30,000 rockets fired — with a nation next to them declaring war, saying they want the extermination of every one of your citizens and will be satisfied with nothing less.

This ignominious, unprovoked, and barbaric attack on Israel must be met with world condemnation and unequivocal support for the Jewish state’s right to self-defense. We must provide Israel with whatever it needs to defend itself — now. As President, I’ll make sure that our policy is unambiguous so that the enemies of Israel will think long and hard before attempting aggression of any kind.

I applaud the strong statements of support from the Biden White House for Israel in her hour of need. However, the scale of these attacks means it is likely that Israel will need to wage a sustained military campaign to protect its citizens. Statements of support are fine, but we must follow through with unwavering, resolute, and practical action. America must stand by our ally throughout this operation and beyond as it exercises its sovereign right to self-defense.”


4) Former UN Amasador Nikki Haley (R.) said:

“I would freeze the $6 billion Biden gave Iran and redirect it to Israel. I would also put sanctions on Iran and anyone who purchases their oil. Israel needs our help in this battle of good vs evil. We need to provide Israel with all the arms and intelligence it needs to defend itself and destroy the terrorists within its midst. I would also warn all regional governments in the area, like Lebanon, that they must not allow the use of their territory to engage in this battle.”


5) President Joe Biden (D.) said:

President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he had “made it clear to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that a two-state solution was the only answer to resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict and that occupying Gaza would be ‘a big mistake.’” He also said, “Hamas was committing war crimes by having its military headquarters under a hospital.

They [Israel] were told … we discussed the need for them to be incredibly careful,” Biden said. “Israel has an obligation to use as much caution as possible in going after targets.

But it’s not realistic to expect Israel to stop its military actions, given threats by senior Hamas officials that they intended to attack Israel again and their past horrific actions.”

Then, contradicting himself, Biden said:

“There must be no forcible displacement of Palestinians from Gaza, no reoccupation, no siege or blockade, and no reduction in territory,” he wrote, adding that “after this war is over, the voices of Palestinian people and their aspirations” must be at the center of “post-crisis governance in Gaza. There’s no going back to the status quo as it stood on October the 6th.”


6) Businessman Vivek Ramaswamy (R.) said:

“It’s important to support Israel, but we should be cautious about getting involved in another war in the Middle East. The Hamas-led attacks on Israel were barbaric and cannot be condoned. We require a rational response that supports Israel while avoiding another US-led disaster in the Middle East. The US should provide Israel with diplomatic support, intelligence-sharing, and munitions while taking special care to avoid a broader regional war in the Middle East that would not advance US interests.”

(Note: see my article: Cut Off Aid? GOP Presidential Candidate Ramaswamy Says No More Aid to Israel)


7) Rep. Dean Phillips (D.) said:

“I care deeply about Palestinian lives. Rashida Tlaib, my Palestinian sister, is my friend. I’m her Jewish brother. I support a cease-fire when Hamas is no longer in a position to murder Israelis.

“We need a two-state solution. We need peace and, prosperity, and opportunity for both Palestinians and Israelis living side by side. But right now, it is black and white. We need the United States to continue to support Israel. We need to eradicate Hamas. And we need to encourage Palestinians to elevate a leadership that can sit at the table with principle with good character, and with the intention for peace.”

Phillips encouraged Americans to support the people of Israel while remaining empathetic to “the plight of the Palestinians.”


8) Former Gov Chris Christi (R.) said:

“When America shows weakness and divisions, bad actors across the world try to capitalize on it. What I would be doing is making sure that Israel has everything that it needs to be able to take whatever actions it needs to take.

Biden’s appeasement of Israel’s enemies has invited this war against Israel. Appeasement anywhere never works. We must do whatever it takes to support the State of Israel in its time of grave danger, and we must end the scourge of Iran-backed terrorism. This terrorism is funded by Biden’s idiotic release of $6 billion to the Iranians.

The Hamas war against Israel is now the second war started under Biden’s failed presidency, first by Russia in Ukraine and now by Hamas in Israel. Both could have been deterred by strong American leadership.”


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