Election Insider 4 Things You Should Know Including Voter Guide, California Crazy, & More…

Election Insider: 5 Things You Should Know Including Voter Guide Up for Judges and…, Nikki’s Stunning Defeat, Swing States Polling, California Crazy, & More…

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  1. The Voter Guide is up.

The Voter Guide is up on craighuey.com HERE.

This week, we are updating some missing races and links for voters in states not covered.

Judges are now posted nationwide.

California State races are up, and Tennessee local elections will be up in about a week.

We are still short on funds to finish the voter guide, so if you could help donate, it would help people vote against their values, not against them.

There are three ways you can donate:

  1. You can donate online by clicking
  2. You can also call us at 615-490-8832 to donate between 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM CST.
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2. Stunning Defeat For Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley just lost the Nevada Primary. But not to Donald Trump or any of the other candidates.

She lost it to “None of the above” Trump was not on the ballot.

How Long will she keeping running for President against Trump? As long as she has money.

3. Presidential Election: Key Swing States

The presidential polls this early are only to see trends. A lot will change in the next few months.

Most presidential polls show either Trump slightly ahead or Biden slightly ahead. Very close.

And the polls don’t consider the Democratic marketing machine that’s 10-15 years ahead of the Republicans. It can increase the turnout for Democrats by 3-10%, which the polls don’t anticipate.

But the rates in key swing state polls are interesting and surprised Republicans… but not so much Democrats.

  • Wisconsin – 44% Biden… 49% Trump
  • Michigan – 42% Biden… 47% Trump
  • Penn – 45% Biden… 48% Trump
  • Nevada – 40% Biden… 48% Trump
  • North Carolina – 39% Biden… 49% Trump
  • Arizona – 44% Biden… 47% Trump

4. California Crazy: The U.S. Senate Race

This race is bizarre… and it looks like liar and hoaxer Adam Schiff will win.

Here is the latest:

  1. All eyes on radical Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Will she drop out and support radical Congresswoman Katie Porter?
  2. Baseball star Steve Garvey has shaken California politics by being the #2 in the polls. In the California Primary, it’s the top two… and that was supposed to be Schiff vs. Porter or Lee.
  3. The debate that few saw was embarrassing for Garvey. He had never done one before and wasn’t prepared. Lee, Schiff, and Porter all attacked him, especially his past two votes for president being, Trump.
  4. Latest Poll: Schiff 25%, Garvey 18%, Porter 13%, Lee 8%. Republican early is 3%, Republican Bradley 2%. 24% is undecided.
  5. Garvey must pick up conservative Republican voters, independents, and… baseball fans.

Our recommendation is posted on our voter guide. Click HERE.

5. Critical Joe Biden Issue Shift.

Joe Biden has shifted his top talking points in running for President.

Before it was:

  1. Abortion
  2. Economy
  3. Anti-Trump.

His shift:

  1. It’s the republican’s fault for the immigration crisis
  2. Abortion
  3. Anti-Trump
  4. Economy


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