Election Insider: What You Need to Know About – Battle to End Ballot Harvesting, Why Independents are Key to Winning 2024, How Democrats Use Abortion to Rally Their Base, Debates, and More…

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As we have been saying, Chris Christi confirmed that he is dropping out of the presidential race, and the Chris Christi votes will probably go to Nikki Haley.

New Hampshire’s primary is unusual in that Democrats and independents can vote in the Republican Primary…

In other words, they can vote anti-Trump.

Ron DeSantis has been concentrated on Iowa.

It is essential for him to do well to continue on.

And, unlikely, he will do well in New Hampshire even if he wins.

Although it could give him a boost from the other states after New Hampshire.

Why Independents Are Important In 2024

“Independent” registered voters are the most “persuadable” groups to vote Democrat or Republican based on a variety of reasons.

  • 49% of Americans now consider themselves to be independents –

They are split almost evenly in the party to which they “lean”:

  • 43% lean Republican
  • 43% lean Democrat

GOP NewsNation Debate

Those watching the NewsNation GOP debate, 30% said that DeSantis performed the best. The second place was Haley at 23%, Christie at 19%, and Ramaswamy at 16%.

And the worse?

While 7% said that DeSantis did the worst, 9% said Haley, 31% said Christie, and 37% said Ramaswamy.

How Many Watched The Fourth GOP Debate?

  • The first Gop Presidential debate had 12.8 million viewers.
  • The second had 9.5 million.
  • The third had 7.5 million.
  • The fourth had 4.1 million.

Abortion: Democrats #1 Ad Issue Spending Over $400 Million!

Democrats spent more than $400 million on abortion-related ads in the 2022 midterm elections.

I expect them to spend at least double that in 2024.

New Trump Ad: Best Yet?

Here is a 1 minute and 52 second ad that may be Trumps best ad yet.

And it’s narrated by Tucker Carlson!

Click here to watch.

The Battle To End Ballot Harvesting

These six states – Arkansas, Florida, Iowa, Georgia, Texas and Kentucky – have added criminal penalties to ballot harvesting since the 2020 general election.

What about your State?

California Crazy Senate Race

Here is the latest pulling for the California race on Monday – a race filled with crazy candidates.

There are 11 Democrats, 10 Republicans, 2 third-party candidates, and 4 “non-party” candidates.

The top two will be in the November runoff…

In California, it is usually two Democrats and no Republicans that win and are on the ballot.

Until last month, many thought the top two would be either radical Democrats Adam Schiff, Cong. Katie Porter or Cong. Barbara Lee.

No Republican. But that’s changed:

  • Schiff… 28%
  • Republican Steve Garvey (the famous baseball star)… 19%
  • Porter… 17%
  • Lee… 14%
  • Republican Eric Early… 7%
  • Republican James Bradley… 7%

Early and Bardley have no money or organization compared to the top three Democrat candidates. Garvey has name recognition and some deep pockets.

January 23 will be the first debate with the top 4 candidates.

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