The War on Truth and Freedom: Shocking Revelations of What Biden’s Bureaucracy is Doing and How to Turn This Around [Powerful Interview with Craig Huey – What the Media Isn’t Telling You]

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I just told a stunned national audience about a new war on honest elections and the ultimate answer to turn this around.

The shocking details of how President Biden is abusing his power for partisan self-interest is disturbing and something most people don’t know.

But there is hope.

Listen to this interview HERE. A few of the key points I discuss are:

  • The war on truth is going on right now from the Biden administration

There is a Socialist mentality that is coming out of D.C. and they are in a panic

The Socialists see that they are losing control now

Across America, we are seeing a revolt of people saying that we are a free country and the forced vaccinations, shutdown of schools and closing of businesses and trampling Christian rights isn’t right

I have heard politicians talking about closing the churches down again – but people cannot give up…we can turn this around.

  • In 2021, we will have local elections and California has the recall election. In 2022, we will have critical statewide elections. Then the next presidential election will be coming up in 2024.

This next presidential election will determine the future of freedom in the world

But the Department of Justice is now having a war on election integrity. Here is how it happened.

Biden brought in an army of ideologues that are pro-Socialist and anti-Christian and they want to transform culture and politics using the power of the bureaucracy

Election audits have been done and these are showing what needs to take place in order to protect the election in 2022

In response the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against the new election law in Georgia

When the federal government conducts a lawsuit, they have unlimited time, money and resources to devote to the case – this will make anyone scared!

For people trying to help out with the election audits, they are getting a letter saying they are violating the Voter Rights Act and will be fined and receive up to one year in prison

This letter even asks them if they were a part of the Capitol riot on January 6th

The Department of Justice is at war on the truth and is trying to suppress the truth with fear

The DOJ looked at Arizona and saw they had votes that were counted by hand and were able to prove if these votes were fraudulent or not

  • Right now when we see what is happening in our society, we should be on our knees crying out for forgiveness and asking for mercy

There is a failure of the church, church leadership and pastors to call people to repent

Until there is a revival in America, we are not going to solve our problems

The solution is in the Word of God

Click HERE to listen.

Note: Incidentally our efforts to stop voter fraud are having a big impact. One thing you can do to help stop it is to sign out petition. You can sign the petition HERE. What do you think? Let me know at

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  1. I am with you 100%! Another thing I have just heard about is that Los Angeles County’s ballots to recall Governor Newsom are folded in such a way that when you vote and put your ballot back in the envelope the way it is fold shows whether or not you voted to recall Governor Newsom, and that can be seen right through the envelope! It is not that way in Orange Co., San Bernadino, or Riverside counties! Also, if you fold it another way, make sure none of your votes show through the envelope, because if you vote for any of the candidates, they will know you voted to recall Governor Newsom!
    This needs to get out to as many people as possible, because many ballots have already been found in trash cans, that voted “yes” to recall Newsom! Please get this out to your followers! Thanks

  2. If the punishment was bad enough Maybe crime would stop. No one is afraid of the law anymore. Our police are helpless anymore. They do their jobs and judges let them off. Our congress is no better. A clean out of them all should be done. Our president has proved He doesn’t know what He is doing. The Lord better decide to come. We are living in a Hell.

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