I Shocked the Host, Stunned the Audience: What Biden’s Justice Department Did is Injustice [Radio/Podcast]

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I shocked the host.

I stunned the listeners.

I’ll surprise you with the latest outrageous moves by the Biden Department of Justice against fair and honest elections.

Here is a quick summary of the interview. Click HERE to listen.

  • The pro-Socialist, politicized ideologues in the Department of Justice (DOJ) have now declared war on election integrity

The DOJ is being politicized and the power of the federal government is going towards stopping honest, non-partisan election reform across the U.S. I reveal the latest unbelievable actions.

  • There are 17 states that have already passed tougher laws to make sure that there will not be any ballot harvesting taking place and to ensure election integrity – Another 4-6 states that are preparing to pass laws on it. I explain what ballot harvesting is and why the DOJ is stopping the reform.

For example, the Department of Justice has already filed one lawsuit against Georgia.

  • Georgia is just an example of one state that has tightened their election reform laws
  • The number one thing that the Biden administration wants is ballot harvesting as this is a means of committing undetected voter fraud

There is no i.d. or any kind of verification required during the process which is why this opens up the door to fraud

  • What needs to be done now

You can listen to the 7-minute interview with John Reid by clicking HERE.

What do you think? Let me know at craig@electionforum.org.

Note: Incidentally, our efforts to stop voter fraud are having a big impact. One thing you can do to help is sign our petition to stop voter fraud. You can sign the petition HERE.

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