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I wanted to let you know that you can view our recommendation for the California Recall election.

This recall has national implications and interest.

For readers outside of California, this will give you insight on what is happening plus an opportunity to send it to any friends or family that you have in California.

And for our California readers, this is your guide to making sure we remove Gavin Newsom as Governor and replace him with someone who will have the courage and ability to help Reclaim the California Dream.

Be sure to watch in upcoming issues of Huey Report for interviews, insights, and commentary that I have on the election and when you go to the website home page you will see not only our recommendation, but for you to be able to vote in our election poll for which gubernatorial candidate you prefer. You can participate in that poll by clicking HERE.

Please take a look by clicking HERE.

Let me know what you think. E-mail me at

Note from Craig: I notice that in some of the commentary, it is obvious that you have not read the recommendation and the reasons why. Please do so before you comment.

Also look at our next issue for why we made our endorsement over the other candidates that are good candidates but would never be able to win.

Some people have heard false rumors and lies being spread by Newsom and sometimes Republican opponents of Larry Elder. In any campaign, it’s a big distortion from reality. For example, if you have heard that he doesn’t believe that there was voter fraud, I can tell you firsthand that is false. If you hear that he is not pro-life, I can tell you firsthand that is false. If you hear that he is not for homeschooling, I can tell you firsthand that is not true. And for those of you concerned about voter fraud, Newsom would love for people not to vote in this election so that he could win. He would love for people not to donate or volunteer. Everyone needs to vote….it’s not an easy election to win, but it’s possible.

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  1. Is it true that Newsom has authorized a ballot program where the ballot itself can be downloaded from the internet?
    Ha. If so this is yet another set up. Confuse the people, flood the ballot box with fake ballots, then blame the “other side” for what you’ve done. Classic. However I do hope this guy gets booted. He’s done irreparable damage to the once Golden State.

  2. Only a miracle will dump this fool out of office at almost 50 people to pick From on the ballot. The democrats fixed it so they will never lose. I thank God I am old and will not see the state go down in flames.

    1. The number of candidates in question 2 is irrelevant to Newsom losing. One yes vote above 50% on question 1 will impeach Newsom and his name isn’t among the “50 people” in question 2.

  3. Mr. Huey, because you said you extensively interviewed each candidate who is running against Governor Newman in the recall election, who do you think would be the best candidate to be against building new housing that appears to be CA mandated in the different cities? We have, what I think to be, a huge crisis of mega apartment complexes being built in our close neighboring cities that will grossly affect our already hugely busy, highly trafficked, roads and highways, which will contribute to the further debilitation of these (same) roads and highways. Also, with California’s near-severe drought, how are these new complexes going to be sustained? Or, justified?
    Thank you for the opportunity.

    Rita Jelsma

  4. I’m SO GRATEFUL for what you do
    Mr. Huey. There are not enough words to express my gratitude. I share your message with those I have their emails.
    PLEASE continue providing your information to us.

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