Did You Miss My Interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox? [Video]

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If you missed my recent interview on Fox with Maria Bartiromo on her morning show Mornings with Maria, you should definitely watch it.

And if you’ve seen it already, you might even want to watch it again.


Because I revealed some shocking facts that took Maria by surprise:

  • High business taxes and regulations are driving businesses out of California at the rate of 5.5 businesses every week.
  • California and other states that have Democrat super-majorities (more than a 2:1 ratio of Democrats to Republicans) in their state legislatures are turning into “Nanny States.”
  • States that allow “ballot harvesting” allow ballots to be submitted to polling stations by “harvesters” for days after election day.

Maria concluded that the upcoming 2020 elections will be a battle between capitalism and socialism – between individual freedom and top-down government and bureaucratic domination.

Watch Maria’s surprised reaction and listen to her follow-up questions. Click here.

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  1. Thank you for those eye-opening facts about our Golden State! So sad.

    Any ideas how we can work against vote harvesting?

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