Save the Christians from Genocide Act: Urgent Update [Video]

Save the Christians from Genocide Act: Urgent Update [Video]

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Thanks for all your support!

Tens of thousands of petition signatures have been gathered so far to spread the message and put pressure on Congress to pass the HR 4017, the “Save the Christians from Genocide” Act.

This bill is still buried in committee.

Congress is now in session.

Congressman Dana Rohrabacher gave an update on Fox News and encouraged people to sign the petition at

Watch the Fox News clip below:

Congressman Rohrabacher needs signatures now before he comes before Paul Ryan and others who decide whether the bill gets a House vote on the floor.

Please have everyone in your family, small group, and church sign and share our petition.

You can print out our petition here.

What do you think? Have you contacted your Congressman yet? Email me at  for more information.

(Click here to look up your Congressman)

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