Outrageous: The Truth About the CIA/NSA/FBI the Media Won’t Tell You

Outrageous: The Truth About the CIA/NSA/FBI the Media Won’t Tell You

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You should not trust the CIA/NSA/FBI.

They have become political, not professional.

First, let me be clear. We need a strong and modern intelligence service in our very dangerous world.

And I support the patriotic, dedicated members of the intelligence community who work hard and make sacrifices for the safety of American and protection of freedom.

But I am opposed to … even sickened by … the liberal politicization of the leadership and the bureaucracy of our intelligence community.

I am skeptical about Obama appointees who have a political ideology that dominates their worldview and activities.

  1. The CIA under John Brennan is filled with radical left-wing appointees from the Obama Administration., all who wanted to transform America into a different nation.

They advanced a foreign policy which was pro-Islamic, pro-socialist. Nothing in the interests of America … or freedom … or capitalism.

  1. James Clapper, head of the NSA, was appointed by Barack Obama in 2010. His liberal goals have been to misuse power at the expense of freedom and privacy of American citizens. He lied to the American people about NSA spying on Americans and meta-data collection. He also lied about protecting our emails from cyber-attacks.

  1. James Comey was appointed by George W. Bush, one his worst mistakes. Comey’s history with the FBI has given liberals much to celebrate:
  • His decision not to indict Hillary Clinton for misusing classified information on a private email server
  • His decision not to investigate a private meeting between former President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch
  • His refusal to investigate corruption or pay-for-play in connection with the Clinton Foundation
  • His silence following the Department of Justice’s decision to hack the phone records of AP reporters
  • His absence during President Barack Obama and then-Attorney General for Operation Fast and Furious, a gun-running operation which led to the death of a federal law enforcement agent.

And it’s mostly the unethical fake news about President Trump, which was leaked to the press by these agencies.

And much more.

Can we trust or believe any of these men? Can we trust or believe the people working under them?


These agencies have become corrupted and completely politicized.

They have turned into Obama’s intelligence agencies … not independent, not objective, and partisan to the core. They need to be cleared out, and new leadership and staff—ethical, principled, faithful to the Constitution—must be sworn in to replace them.

President Trump needs to drain the Intelligence Agency swamp and bring a fresh, new professional class to lead.

What’s your reaction to this? Email me at craig@craighuey.com.

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  1. Craig, I think that for the most part I agree with you based on what I have seen and heard over the past 9years.

    In order to authenticate what you and I seem to see can you divulge the sources that you use in order to make the statements above?

  2. There are still good people currently in service at these agencies. Please give the staff a chance to show they uphold constitutional rights under Trump leadership

  3. I think you are not exactly correct about FBI director. 1-indictment of cr rocked Hillary was counterproductive und r circumstances (5th Amendment right in the debate, leak of info from the court, etc without real prospectI’ve of of convictuon) instead he played it right- call it treason and refused to indict. That was the end Hillary as politician. Big service to the country. Hillary still hates him. 2- AG meeting with promiscuity Bill was most likely really what it is. Speaking of nothing. Master of combination – Mr Clinton was plain for appearache to stop indictment. If LL would have been regular federal employee – there would have been a lot of outcry by managers, but nothing criminal. I guess, FBI director played here safe for the country one more time: what would be more damaging to the country, liberal outcry over the “innocent” meeting, or not public investigation of internal security. BTW, Bill still has immunity for most of what he is doing. Overall, our FBI director is not as simple as it appears aND hand led his task well under pressures and circumstances. So, I think he deserves a credit regardless of private preferences.

    1. 1. Comey has been connected to Bill Clinton long ago. If you bother to dig up his background, you would find all the connections in the past.

      2. Comey’s handling of Hillary’s case was outright stupid, to say the least, and obviously political, not professional. He has violated at least three laws – the first one of taking upon himself to not prosecute, of which he has no discretion to do so, and the second of not recording Hillary’s statements and not being present during the FBI’s questioning of Hillary, and the third of “losing” Hillary’s laptop computer, that has evidences, which was already in FBI’s possession, which later surface again in a third party’s possession (Huma Abidin’s husband?).

      3. Comey, therefore, cannot be trusted because of obvious complications involving him in the case.

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