President Trump’s #1 Opposition Will Be … Former President Obama: 3 Surprising Reasons Why

President Trump’s #1 Opposition Will Be … Former President Obama: 3 Surprising Reasons Why

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President Obama is in the news … campaign style.

He is not going away like past Presidents. In fact, he is leading the opposition against Trump’s new policies.

President Obama’s own drive for power and control created failed programs such as Obamacare, the stimulus program, terrible race relations, plus a foreign policy which created an unsafe world.

Here are three reasons you won’t find reported by the media or find acknowledged by the liberal elites or politicians.

Obama Plotting (CREDIT: PETE SOUZA)

  1. Obama’s arrogant power grab is driven by his liberal ideology as a politician.

Progressives and liberals see politics as a religion, a self-identifying cause above all else. There is no end to the causes to fight and the need to transform society for “the good” of the collective. And he is always right, his opposition immorally wrong.

  1. Obama is a liberal community organizer, not a statesman.

Obama was trained as a community organizer. He rose to political power from the state legislature to the Presidency through organizing.

As President, he never did care about being a statesman.

It’s all about winning elections and transforming society.

That’s why he is so mad. Trump is undermining his “legacy” to turn America into a socialist country.

Throughout his Presidency, the media got it wrong. He was never interested in being President, but changing this county for his worldview of what was “good”.

  1. Obama failed at his goal.

Community Organizing and smart organization got Obama to be President. He even was the first and only President to create an outside lobbying/activist group for himself: Organizing for Action. But he failed to make it effective, lively, and successful.

He is now back at building it, but too late to save what he started.

For Election 2018, he will have the largest, most well-funded and effective group yet to win back  the US Senate and the House of Representatives  for progressives and liberals and stop Trump’s policies.

Tell me what you think. Should we fear Obama’s Organizing for Action going forward? Email me at

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  1. President Obama ( I’m respectful by choice, but very difficult. By obedience only), won both of his elections using his community organizing skills. I still don’t think he won on substance, he allowed and is best skilled at being silent; allowing all of his supporters to believe whatever each supporter believed he could be, to best make fit each individual’s ideal of their own hope & change. Don’t get me wrong, I believe he knew what he was doing, it was indeed his strategy to get the appointment. The end justified his means. We the people as a collective whole had never been exposed and duped so enormously before. As a Christian Nation, we “believe all things” for the greater good, as Scripture is clear for us to do. God will honor us for honoring Him, perhaps he just did? God is always faithful. Staying faithful.

  2. In my estimation, Obama is a candidate for the anti-christ. If he is, this struggle
    for power makes sense. Time will tell! If he makes some kind of 7-year pact of
    confirming the covenant with Israel etc. then that act will reveal who the
    anti-christ is. This personage has to be revealed before our gathering together
    unto Christ, the Rapture event. See 2 Thess. 2:1-3.

  3. We, as Christians are a moral lot. We Love Jesus and obey his direction and it gives us peace in our soul to know our God is an awesome God that hears our cry. On this side of the cross we have strength to do mighty things and it has shown in this last election. He will not be mocked. But, the people who do not know Christ as Lord and savior of the world are “very” blind in their spirit. They do not even realize the darkness in their souls that has them blind. Our pastor last week gave us a clear cut path for the next wave of battle in America and that was to remain respectful and to keep praying for God’s will to be done in our land. He also added that we need to “respect” Obama and Hillary even though they serve a different path. Respect and honor is a very noble word that we as a covered and “heaven protected” people need to still embrace. We are so covered because of Gods covenant with Isreal from Abraham’s seed, the father of all nations. We must seek God, remain in his graces and recognize the task before us.

    God Bless you all

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