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New Free App Aims to Take Down Woke ESG Companies

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With all of the corporations going woke these days, it’s hard to navigate between the ones that are and the ones that aren’t.

Some are easy to spot, like Disney, Bud light, Target, Ben & Jerry’s… because they are high-profile in your face woke. But there are others that slip under the radar.

But never fear. An enterprising entrepreneur has developed an app that allows users to scan items in grocery stores and get a values score to see how woke they are.

The app is called Veebs, and the app is free on the App Store.

Disney, Bud Light, and Target have gotten controversies venturing into woke waters involving the sexual exploitation of children, and now there is an app that can inform consumers if their favorite brands are skinny dipping in these same waters.

Called Veebs, the app is free on the App Store and allows users to scan items in grocery stores and get a values score.

According to their website, there are “new criteria are becoming even more important than ever before — the brand’s own values. What does the brand ‘stand for’? What values does the brand promote and endorse? The money in consumers’ pockets is precious and hard-earned, the company adds. “Consumers directing their money to brands that also stand for what that consumer stands for? That is values-based shopping™.”

“The scoring methodology used by the App to produce the V Score is a complex calculation that takes into consideration many factors about a particular brand, some objective and some subjective,” the blog post said.

There is an easy-to-understand scoring system that displays a 1-100 score for every brand or product you search or scan in the app.

Here are the V Alignment rating scores:

1-19 … “Bad” (Dark Red)

20-39 “Poor” (Light Red)

40-59 “Low” (Orange)

60-69 “Fair” (Yellow)

70-79 “Good” (Light Green)

80-100 “Great” (Dark Green)

Give it a try, and then let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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  1. My sole criterion, most of the time, is bang-for-the-buck. I can’t afford to discriminate between woke and non-woke sources. But this app might provide the deciding factor when all other things are equal.
    Please don’t use initialisms without defining them. What does ESG mean (not just what it stands for)?

  2. I read the terms of service, and if I approve of it, they can use my information for most anything. I’m trying to get away from that kind of intrusion. I’ll pass.

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