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Company Bravely Runs Two Ads Standing Up for Women – Attacks Bud Light and Other Companies Promoting Radical Transgenderism [VIDEO]

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A Florida based boutique timepiece and jewelry firm, has done it again.

Egard Watches founded by IIan Srulovicz, followed up on its “what is a woman” ad with a new spot calling out Budweiser and Nike for embracing radical transgrenderism.

The Commercial is titled, “ERASED – A message to woke corporate America (Nike & Budweiser),” and features a young woman pursuing her lifelong goal of being the fastest woman in the world.

As ominous music plays, the young woman is seen in the starting blocks of a race… lined up against a transgender woman, here’s what Ilan said:

“This ad is necessary to demonstrate the inequality and injustice that is being perpetrated on female athletes – and women in general. We care when women are mistreated in the workplace, but athletes who have practiced and sacrificed for many years are told to shut up.”

“It’s not just sports but prisons, age of consent, medical treatment and more. We cannot accept untruths in society without accepting the long-term consequences of them. This is why we stand with women on this issue and are making a statement to stop the erasure of decades of hard-fought battles for equality.”

What is a Woman ad was released during the height of the controversy surrounding Penn State swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male competing – and dominating – as a female swimmer.

“How long do we sit idly by and not stand for sacred value of womanhood as it loses all meaning?” The two-minute ad said. “Because we believe that womanhood is a birthright.”

Watch the two videos and tell me what you think.

You can watch “What is a Woman” commercial.

You can see “Erased.

You can read this also: U.S. State Dept Promotes Radical Transgenderism: 6 Facts.

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  1. Hello Mr. Craig Huey, I viewed the video “What is a Woman” and “Erased”. I loved the commercial “What is a Woman” so much that I just had to post it on Tweeter, and referred it to the one’s who don’t know what is a woman. It needs to go viral. Thank you for your views on what is taking place in this world now.

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