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Voter Guide: The Trouble with Vivek? 6 Things About His Hindu Worldview You Should Know…

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(Editor’s note: This is part of our continuing series for all the presidential candidates for the 2024 election—No endorsement for any candidate is made)

I like Vivek Ramaswamy for many reasons.

I like his economic policies, his understanding of how to dismantle the Deep State bureaucracy, and his fight against censorship and free speech.

In fact, his fight against government censorship is probably more articulate and powerful than any other GOP candidate.

But there are 6 things most voters don’t know… and #6 troubles me a lot.

1) Vivek is the first Hindu Presidential candidate

Vivek Ramaswamy is a Hindu.

Although Nikki Haley and Vivek are both Indian Americans, Haley was raised in the Sikh faith, but she says that she became a born-again Christian.

Ramaswamy was raised as a Hindu but was educated in a Christian school—He attended St. Xavier High School, a Catholic school in Cincinnati, Ohio, and often references Christian Bible stories. He knows Christianity very well.

Although he is not a Christian, Ramaswamy often says on the campaign trail that “belief in God matters” and that “rising secularism in America is bad for the country,” that’s a Hindu worldview. He also says we need to restore the virtue of “marital fidelity, duty, religious liberty, and self-sacrifice.”

About Christianity he said:

“I don’t have a quick pitch to say, ‘No, no, that doesn’t matter,’” he said of the theological differences between Hinduism and Christianity. “It’s that I understand exactly why that would matter to you.”

2) Ramaswamy has merged Hindu and Christian values. He says:

“I’m a Hindu, and I raised my kids in the same tradition, but we share the same Judeo-Christian values that this nation was founded on.”

“Part of the reason I’m able to stand for religious liberty and the revival of faith as clearly and unapologetically as I have is perhaps because I am a member of a younger generation.”

3) Vivek is very pro-family. He says:

“These are ideals that are deeply woven into my own faith-based tradition, my own family upbringing of sacrifice, doing your duty, the belief that God put us here for a reason,” he said. “It is our job to carry out God’s plan, whatever that plan is that he has for us.”

4) Ramaswamy often promotes “religious” reference in his speeches, sounding like a Christian

On the campaign trail, he speaks about “hard truths.” The first hard truth, he said, is that “God is real.”

He is making the case that there is a deep craving across the country, particularly among younger generations, to have something “bigger than themselves to believe in.”

5) Vivek is Actively Seeking the Christian Vote

Although Ramaswamy is a Hindu, he is courting the Evangelical Christian and Catholic vote.

Ramaswamy often cites that America was founded on religious principles—Principles that include Hindus like him, merging his religion into America’s traditional Christian culture.

“We are all equal in the eyes of each other because we are all equal in the eyes of God,” Ramaswamy said.

He says that today America is divided between 2 religions:

  • The believers in a One True God, and time-tested religious traditions… equating the Christian and Hindu worldview of God as the same.
  • The other is a cult-like religion of wokeism, climateism, transgenderism, gender ideology, and Covidism.

Vivek undermines key, core Christian values. For example, he has called Jesus “a son of God” – a qualifier that’s quite different for the son of God. Hindus believe in many Gods and Jesus can be one of them.

6) Ramaswamy Backs Anti-Christian Radical Hindu Nationalist Narendra Modi—India’s President

For the last 24 years we have exposed the radical Hindu persecution of religious minorities including Christians. In fact, we have a petition opposing his tyrannical rule.

Modi became prime minister in 2014. Since then, Christians and Muslims have been targeted with unending discrimination, violence and death.

Modi is leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). They believe that India should become a Hindu nation-state (Rastra), and if that happens, India’s Christians and Muslims should be the targets of even more violence which has already affected thousands of Christians across the country– Christians in India are attacked by Hindu extremist mobs, ransacking churches and forcing Christians to flee their homes.

Christians have been killed, burned, and imprisoned.

Modi provides no help. He has banned Christian organizations such as Compassion International and banned Christian missionaries from India.

Recently, Ramaswamy attended Modi’s address to Congress, commenting that he “respect[s] Modi for reviving national pride in India.”

Ramaswamy also said Modi is “an excellent prime minister for India,” and he “unapologetically embraced free market capitalism.  Modi is someone who doesn’t apologize for Indian national identity.”

However, that’s not true. Modi is a socialist.

Modi’s BJP has implemented religious conversion bans throughout the nation that prohibits evangelism, and it’s pushing for a nationwide ban.

Ramaswamy’s support for Modi is puzzling and disturbing, considering his stance on defeating radical socialists and Communist China.

I find this inconsistency disturbing considering Ramaswamy’s powerful stands on issues of freedom.

Let me know what you think. Post a comment or email me at

Note: Have you signed our petition to stop the persecution of Christians in India?

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  1. But does believe in Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord. That Jesus sacrificed His live on the Cross
    for the sins of mankind. He rose on the third day to judge the living and the dead. I believe and
    honor Him. Evelyn

  2. What is missing from the knowledge of this author is the understanding of where the actual attacks on Christians and Muslims are coming from. At the same time Traditional Hindu’s practicting the authentic practices are also experiencing attacks by mobs of criminal hindu’s. A few weeks ago a Temple was attacked, destroyed by a bulldozer, the spiritual teachers there were attacked and one was raped. It was horrifying what was done.
    Research, a UN report, has shown that these hindu mobs are funded by international money. George Soros, Open Society, is funding the destruction of all traditional religions in an attempt to change culture. It’s happening in India and the US. Know your real enemy. The authentic hindu religion was one of the oldest world religions like a river in which many streams of religions; Judiaism, Christianity, Muslim, et. emerged from and the science of this has been almost destroyed.
    India is no longer a Hindu nation. There is now no HIndu nation on the earth. When the root of the traditional teachings are gone so will go all religions. The battle is not one religion against another. It’s the elite psychopaths wanting to change the cultural landscape into their own image by destroying all religion.

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