Hollywood’s Elite Spend Millions in New TV Commercials, Facebook Ads, and More to Defeat President Trump, Conservatives, Libertarian, and Christians [Video]

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2020 is becoming the most professional and aggressive campaign ever – as Hollywood producers and actors have contributed their talents to encouraging people to vote.

The Hollywood Elite campaigns take on the form of 3 things:

  1. The general get-out-the-vote that is targeted to high propensity voters for Joe Biden and the Democrat U.S. Senate Candidates.
  2. Attacks on Trump
  3. Very few are pro-Biden, but some have been created.

Here is an example, using a powerful ad by Hollywood’s producer, David Mandel, who created the ad using Seinfeld’s Newman slamming Trump and promoting the Post Office. [Click here for video]

What is interesting, is that Wayne Wright, who plays Newman, shows part of the problem with US Postal employees going through your mail.

The Post Office is a monopoly that is $65 Billion dollars in debt because of inefficiencies and mismanagement. Without competition and because of Union control, it has antiquated equipment and a lack of efficiency among the employees – and little accountability.

And competition is illegal.

Thus, it loses billions of dollars year-after-year.

President Trump has appointed a Postmaster General to try and create more efficiency.

This has angered the union who has poured millions of dollars into an attack on Trump and support for a massive taxpayer bailout. The Postal Union for the last two elections endorsed Bernie Sanders for President. They are now supporting Vice President Biden for president.

The video is filled with inaccuracies, innuendos, and falsehoods.

It is powerful.

But it is effective.

The truth is President Trump is not having a systematic, pre-meditated assault on the U.S. Mail.

The commercial refers to little used postal boxes being removed just as they have over the last 30 years. It refers to unnecessary and antiquated equipment that has not been used…and should be eliminated.

And it refers to mail not being mailed on the same day…because the Postal Employees have not been efficient in delivering the mail. Millions every month is lost to unnecessary overtime pay.

Take a look at this powerful commercial and see how effective it is. But remember, it is funny, but not true.

See how the media attempts to make truth out of untruth.

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