Faith Over Fear, God Over Man: A Call For All Churches to Open Up and Have Indoor Services on October 25, 2020 – “Freedom Sunday” [Watch the video here]

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One of the most powerful conferences I have ever seen was held by Pastor Jack Hibbs, in which he announced “Freedom Sunday.”

He had as his speakers:

  • Tony Perkins
  • Pastor Chan
  • Pastor Amado Huizar
  • Dr. John MacArthur
  • Dr. Albert Mohler
  • Eric Metaxas
  • Pastor Rob McCoy
  • … And more powerful speakers

Everyone should watch.

Every church, open your church doors on October 25, 2020 – Freedom Sunday – for full, inside services. Watch the conference here.

October 25th Is Freedom Sunday – a day for all churches to open their doors to indoor service.

The call to open the church doors is based on scripture which is intended to give boldness to pastors and church leaders.

Pastor John MacArthur has asked all churches to open. This reflects his call.

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  1. If faith is touted as a reason, it must have an active application of faith. If the pastor can TRULY say that he has complete confidence that, if anyone catches COVID-19 after attending the service, he will pray for the person (after he has tested positive) and God will heal the person; or that he has complete confidence that no one attending the service will catch COVID-19 as long as they keep attending the service because God will protect the person; then it is possibly faith over fear. The results will prove it to be so or otherwise.

    If they can’t give such guarantees, it is not faith over fear but FOLLY OVER SANITY.

    If they can’t give such a guarantee, they should take all precautions recommended by science, since they are not relying on faith but on wishful thinking. By all means meet to worship, as we are doing at our church for those who want to be physically present. Others meet virtually (online).

  2. It should be realized that this is a temporary problem and vaccines will soon be available and there is no point in putting peoples live or health in danger.

    Some of those who catch COVID and recover have long term health impairment. Some don’t recover. Just because the mortality rate has fallen or because the likelihood of catching it is low if there aren’t many infected people in that society, it shouldn’t mean that caution should be thrown to the winds. The disease is still dangerous and very contagious.

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