2016 Election and the Consequences of the Orlando, Florida Incident

Election 2016 and The Aftermath of Orlando, Florida

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It’s been three months since the Islamic terrorist attacks on the Pulse night-club in Orlando Florida.

49 people were gunned down and killed in Orlando, Florida … and another 50 were badly wounded.

This was the second worst terrorist attack in America, after 9-11.

The Left would not call it Islamic Terrorism.

The mass murderer, Omar Mateen, held a security job before the attack. His fellow employees left because of his radical Islamic views … and his employers did nothing about him because they did not want to seem racist or discriminatory toward Islam.

Here are a few other things you should know about the terrible massacre at the Florida night club:

1. This massacre attacked a gay night club. It could have been your church. The attack could have happened in an church. Or Jewish synagogue. This crime could have occurred at Disney World or a Tampa Bay baseball game.

2. This act was not just violence. Not just any street crime, and not simply domestic terrorism. The Orlando night club massacre is ISLAMIC terrorism. These Islamic terrorists are full of hate. They kill in order to create fear because to them, the enter Western World is the Great Satan.

Most of those who identify as LGBT have supported liberal politicians, their organizations and their donors.  But now more and more they are realizing the greatest threat worldwide is radical Islam.

Yet those same liberal politicians refuse to acknowledge it.


3. Based on the Koran, we are at war. Islamic extremists base their ideology on the Koran. It’s not logic. It’s not rational. It’s not loving. It’s not peaceful.

Omar Mateen was a Sunni Muslim. He shouted “Allahu Akbar”—Our God is Great, in Arabic—as he killed the helpless victims in the night club.

For killing just one infidel, Mateen’s reward (per the Koran) is Jannah, or paradise. With many more killings, he will get 72 virgins (Houri).

Whether the President accepts it or not, ISIS is at war with the West. It’s a holy war, or “jihad.”

But more terrorist attacks will come.

And sadly the liberal response will be more political correctness.

4. Hillary Clinton, the liberal media, and the progressive left are all still calling for gun control instead of stricter national security.

Reminder: gun control will not stop these attacks. The best way to stop gun massacres is to allow citizens to carry guns to protect themselves.

Imagine if one of the club members had a concealed-carry permit and firearm? The outcome would have been much different.


5. The Left is wrong: Christians did not create this act of terror. Islam, not Christianity, instigated the Orlando massacre.

Unlike Islam, Christians believe that everyone of us is made in God’s image, possesses intrinsic value.

Christians are even taking care of funeral and medical costs for the victims.



Where do the Presidential candidates stand now in order to stop Islamic terrorism?

Hillary Clinton:

  • Would give Islamic terrorists apprehended for crimes a jury trial.
  • Would close down Guantanamo Bay

Donald Trump:

  • Does not regard terrorists or suspects as U.S. citizens with any rights.

Gary Johnson:

  • Would require terrorists to be tried in military court.
  • Would not allow them to tortured

Jill Stein

  • Would give Islamic terrorists apprehended for crimes a jury trial.
  • Would close down Guantanamo Bay

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