2016 Election: What Are the Candidates' Positions on Student Loan Debt?

Election 2016 : Where Do Candidates Stand on Student Loan Debt?

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Student debt is haunting 40 million Americans.

Those millions are still paying college loans, well into their thirties and forties.

So far, the following Presidential candidates have announced plans to deal with looming student loan debt.

Hillary Clinton:

Wants to implement a $350 billion plan forcing taxpayers to reduce the cost of college, along with these key goals:

  • No students should have to take out loans to go to college
  • Schools must respect the needs of students and bring down costs
  • The federal government will not make money off of student loans, but increase investment
  • Current debtors will refinance their loans to a lower interest rate
  • Make community college free

$350 billion is massive … and probably understated … new federal government programs complete with new bureaucracies.

Donald Trump:

  • Recognizes that student debtors carry a heavy burden.
  • Believes that the federal government should not be profiting from these loans.
  • Eliminate the Department of Education
  • Get the government out of the student loan business

Gary Johnson:

  • Eliminate the Department of Education
  • Get government out of the student loan business
  • Allow market forces to determine college tuition.

Jill Stein

  • Provide a free college education to everyone who applies
  • Increase taxes on the rich to pay for it

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