Six Things the Government and the Media Aren’t Telling You About Obamacare

Six Things the Government and the Media Aren’t Telling You About Obamacare

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The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, has failed on many fronts, despite President Obama’s pleading and the Mainstream Media’s fawning coverage.

Insurance companies are leaving the Obamacare state and federal exchanges, including Aetna, UnitedHealth, and Humana.

Insurance premiums have skyrocketed all over the country, with the following average rate increases for these states:

  • Colorado: 13.4%
  • Arizona: 19%
  • Oregon: 23.2%
  • Tennessee: 35.2%
  • Minnesota: 47.7%

Here are six brutal facts about Obamacare which the Government and the Media are not telling you:

  1. Far fewer than projected have signed up, despite the large number forced into the program.
  2. Central Planning has failed. A basic principle of economics recognizes that the Free Market can better detect supply and demand. Government bureaucrats can only guess, and they are (often) wrong.
  3. The Medicaid crisis is expanding. Instead of cutting costs, more patients are heading toward emergency rooms, since doctors receive lower reimbursement rates and more hospitals close due to rising operational costs.
  4. The costs to taxpayers are skyrocketing. Private insurers charge an average of $1, 375 per new patient because of Obamacare regulations.
  5. Americans are losing the health care (their insurance plans and their doctor) that they liked. Obamacare forced five million people off their health insurance plans.

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Green candidate Jill Stein support Obamacare. Stein wants a single-payer system, which would mean more government control.

Donald Trump and Gary Johnson both oppose Obamacare, and want to see free market mechanisms in place to control health care costs.

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  1. Here are my thoughts (and some–if not all– are actual facts:
    (1) Our healthcare system is not broken—since the days of low cost, low tech medicine it has never been a good system for several reasons.
    (A) Since wages were frozen due to the WW-ll war effort, and (large) employers provided insurance, (tax free), in-lieu of salary increases, those self employed or working for small employers were left to fend for themselves, in an insurance system that couldn’t care less about individuals. Too high individual costs and denials for previous conditions, to name a couple.
    (B) The system wherein there are multiple, overlapping health provider venues has only contributed to high costs and a very complex system—subject to “gaming” by corrupt care providers, illegal aliens, and those who take advantage of the welfare systems— all draining our resources.
    (C) Medicare funds are being stolen by the government to pay for the healthcare of all, including illegal aliens, who enter the hospital through the emergency rooms with no means of paying. Thank President Reagan for this EMTALA Act “forcing hospitals to do this.
    (2) I probably read more of the “Obamacare Act” draft than most Republican Congressmen. Being politically neutral (leaning right) I see things that the more radical left and right don’t. This is why I blame the Republicans for the mess they call Obamacare—they refused to read it or participate. Therefore we got what we have—nothing but confusion and a more screwed-up health system.

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