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Constitutional Crisis: Weaponized DOJ Indicts President Trump—Freedom and Justice are Danger– Powerful National Interview

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I just got off a national broadcast interview you’ll want to hear about President Trump’s inditement.

I said in the interview, “You don’t even have to like Trump to be outraged once you know what the DOJ is doing…. This is a preemptive attack on Trump because he’s exposed and tried to destroy the Deep State.”

I also said, “We must understand that the Department of Justice (DOJ) is corrupt and has been weaponized,” And right now, it’s not the Department of Justice, but the Department of Election Interference.”

National radio and podcast broadcaster Bill Martinez and I discussed on his program Trump’s indictment by Special Council Jack Smith and how we are seeing the weaponization of the Department and the collapse of our judicial system by radical-socialist political bureaucrats.

The indictment had 37 counts, including conspiracy to obstruct justice, false statements, willful retention of national defense information, and espionage.

I told Bill that this indictment was “historic”, and that there is “one set of rules if you’re a Republican,” and “another if you’re a Democrat.”

During the interview, we also talked about these pressing topics:

  • How the Biden administration had trampled the Constitution
  • How America is turning into a “Banana Republic”
  • How Fairness in the judicial system has been destroyed
  • How the indictment will impact the 2024 presidential election
  • How all of this started when Obama put radical-socialist bureaucrats into all of these federal bureaucracies to change culture and politics
  • How Christians, Conservatives, and Republicans are 15 years behind the radicals and Deep State in their messaging.
  • The passing of Pat Robertson

Listen my exciting in-depth interview—It’s about 10 minutes long.

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  1. So just what can we as law abiding citizens do to take our Country back as a pose to giving and giving of money especially when we live on fixed incomes ?

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