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Did You Take our 2024 Presidential Poll?

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Editors note: This is part of our continuing series for the presidential candidates in the 2024 election. We are not endorsing any candidate until after the first debate. But we are providing you with all the information about each candidate so that you’re well informed.

The 2024 Christian Presidential Poll is a nonpartisan poll and will show the media, politicians, community and church leaders how Christians plan to vote in the 2024 Presidential election.

Your voice has an impact. We will broadcast the poll results on TV, social media, radio, and podcasts in print, in blogs and during public speeches.

Thank you to those who have participated in our last 2024 Presidential Poll.

Here are the final results on the latest presidential poll:

Former President Donald Trump (R)       67.3%
Gov Ron DeSantis (R)                             21.4%
Mike Pence (R)                                        4.4%
All Others                                                6.7%

Vote in our new poll that began in June.

And have your friends vote.

Results will be broadcast on the media until the first Presidential debate in August.

We will also keep you posted on the 2024 Voter Guide progress, where you can get updates on the elections that will impact your community.

Let’s work together to turn America around.

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  1. I am also not endorsing any candidate until after the first debate.
    That being said I hope the Republican Party will stop having democrats or RINO’s run the debates.
    The Republican debate and questions should be done by strong conservative Republicans.

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