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Do You Have Coins? Breakthrough New Technology Tells You Their Value Without Grading Subjectivity but with Science – Now You Can Know the true Value of Your Coins

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How much are your coins worth?

If you’re like me, you have coins and have no idea what they’re worth.

As a kid, I collected coins with my dad, and in recent years I’ve kept old coins I’ve gotten… But how much are they worth today? I had no way of really knowing.

Maybe you started developing a collection or had one handed down.

Each collection has the collector’s own personal story, reflecting the collector’s unique personality. And for those who stick with it over the years and develop an expert eye, the years of collecting can be a legacy of wealth you can cash in on or leave to your children or grandchildren.

In 2023, the market for coin and card collecting reached over $18 billion in sales, with rare coins and trading cards selling at significant premiums compared to non-graded ones.

The problem with valuing your collection is something that plagues every collector. Who can you trust to grade your coins?  Until now, even legitimate graders are subjective, inconsistent, and often use antiquated methods. In addition, the process can be expensive and very time-consuming.

However, I’ve discovered one company that’s using state-of-the-art, transformative technology to overcome those problems—Coin & Card Auctions, Inc. Now you’ll be able to find the value for all those old coins in a jar in your basement or in a collector’s book (or even old sports trading cards in that dusty box in your attic).

Coin & Card Auctions provides grading focused on objective and scientific methodology on a nano-level. Coin & Card’s patented scanner technology works on a nano-level using the same technology as the United States Mint. The advantage is that coins and cards can be validated and verified electronically through a smartphone.

Currently, the smartphone apps, which are still in the development phase, need to complete the DNN/AI for both the Apple IOS and Android systems.

Consumers can do every part of the identification, grading, pricing, listing, selling, and asset and transactional authentications right from their smartphones. Until the apps go live, they can grade by directly viewing the coins.

This process will significantly reduce grading costs and shorten the time it normally takes to receive a grade. That’s right. It’s as easy as using your mobile phone—You don’t have to risk going there or mailing them. More importantly, it removes the “subjective” nature of the old grading process.

Just like a person’s fingerprints identify an individual, Coin & Card Auction’s patented technology takes digital identifiers in coins and sports cards on a nano level. The data outputs of 10s of millions of physical measurement data points precisely identifies color and surface area height, roughness, and mapping of surface imperfections. The correlated data compares graded and raw coin and card scan results to the 70-point Sheldon or 10-point PSA grading systems.

Thanks to a new, state-of-the-art technology aimed at transforming the market, Coin and Card is the easy answer for a go-to solution for the collectibles market, investors, and anyone who has coins.

I call this a breakthrough because it solves a huge problem… And if you even want to sell your coins, it’s now much easier.

Interestingly, Coin and Card Auction is a private company that offers pre-IPO stock. If you’re interested in the company, you can find out more by clicking HERE and be a pre-IPO early investor. For questions, please contact investor relations (413) 264-6243 extension 103 or email

If you want to grade your coins you can find out more by clicking HERE or call 413-264-6243.

Currently, Coin and Card Auctions, Inc. is offering Investors a great opportunity for a set number of common stock shares for $0.50 each — with a minimum investment of $250 (which gives you 500 shares).

I even like this so much– I’m investing in this round alongside you.

Find out how much your coins are worth… the easy way and consider this unique pre-IPO opportunity.

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