Wildfires Explode: 9 Myths, Distortions, and Lies by the Media and Politicians [Video]

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The West is seeing historic, deadly fires.

These massive fires are exploding. But you’re not being told why…and that they can be prevented.

It’s a nightmare…homes, businesses and churches burnt to the ground.

People are dying.

Beautiful and historic areas are torched.


It’s not a mystery.

But you’re not being told the truth.

Google, Facebook, and YouTube are spreading myths.

The news media is distorting the truth.

The politicians are lying.

Here are nine myths, distortions, and lies so you know what is happening.

1. Wildfires are spreading more rapidly and burn larger areas because of poor forest policies by Socialist Politicians and unaccountable government bureaucrats…not “climate change”.

It’s a fact that forests and brush areas under state and national ownership are catastrophically overgrown … often having 4 times the number of trees per acre the land can support.

  • High winds, drought conditions and dry humidity will then exacerbate the speed at which an out-of-control wildfire will spread.

For example, in the Stanislaus National Forest – the location of a massive wildfire– the tree density was about 300 trees per acre according to the fire officials battling that blaze.

A healthy tree density in the Sierra Nevada mountain range is 80 to 100 trees per acre.

Also, nearly 130 million dead trees in California and other states are like matchsticks and kindling when a wildfire is ignited…

The property where I have a home in the San Bernardino mountains – and my neighbor’s property – isn’t overgrown because it’s our private property.

No dead trees.

No overgrown brush.

But behind my back yard – and next to my side yard – is a thick, dangerous tinder box of overgrown trees and brush.

There is no maintenance and no management of the surrounding forest.


Because there is no private ownership of the land or the trees in the San Bernardino National Forest. It’s all run by the government. And the political ideology is to not cut trees-even dead ones. And there is no incentive for anyone to clean any area.

The big problem is the mixture of bad legislation and the ideologically driven massive bureaucracy…

2. The ideologically driven politicians and media are using the massive wildfires to push their political agenda of climate change.

For the past 10 years, they have been blaming droughts, wildfires and extreme weather on climate change…

They call those who are skeptical about climate change “deniers.”

The politicians and media think the solution is for everyone to get on board to stop climate change with costly government run programs that have huge unintended negative consequences.

This ignores the real problem…

3. Bureaucratic mismanagement and environmental regulations – not climate change – exacerbate the spread of wildfires.

For decades, traditional forest management was scientific and successful across the U.S.

Forests were thinned when they became too difficult to walk through…

The U.S. Forest Service used to auction off surplus timber harvested from national forests at a profit – benefitting taxpayers and providing proper forest management.

But about 40 years ago, Deep State environmentalists – ideological zealots – worked themselves into leadership positions within the federal government and key state governments.

And – in 2012 – the Obama administration rewrote the nation’s forest rules and guidelines … adding so many regulations and layers of bureaucracy … all forest management ground to a halt.

The current leaders of the government agencies-unable to be removed by President Trump or responsible State Governors-that are responsible for forest management are ideologically driven to:

1. Not manage the national forests, allowing them to grow to dangerous, unhealthy and out-of-control levels, and

2. To blame “climate change,” not themselves, for the consequences: fires that rage out of control instead of being restrained by fire breaks and by forest-thinning and other well-known fire suppression strategies.

Specifically, … through the abuse of the Endangered Species Act … and the environmentalist-inspired “no-use movement” – also known as the “rewilding” theory – logging has been severely restricted or prohibited altogether … and dead trees – as well as overgrown areas of trees – are not being removed.

4. There is no logical or scientific evidence that “climate change” – the new term for global warming – causes or exacerbates wildfires.

If you stop and think about, the assertion is absurd…

For one thing, warmer weather can’t produce the spark or flame that’s necessary to start a fire.

Second, periodic droughts accompanied by hot, dry summer weather have occurred in the West and Southwestern U.S. for decades without any increase in the number or severity of wildfires.

Until this past August, the summer of 1976 was the hottest summer in the U.S. since records have been kept. The average temperature in July 1976 was higher than the average temperature in July of this year.

The actual physical causes of the wildfires in the west and south are varied. California have not yet been determined. Arson is the suspected cause in some: lighting in others. Powerlines are the cause of fires in California.

Third, if wildfires were being caused by global “climate change,” we should expect the burned acreage worldwide to be increasing each year.

But just the opposite is true…

The journal Science reported in September 2017 that the annual global burned area had dropped by about 25% over the previous 18 years.

And a study in the International Journal of Wildland Fire – published in May 2016 – reported that even in California, the number of wildfires per year burning more than 300 acres has been decreasing since the peak year of 1980.

Regarding the numbers of large wildfires, Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said it well: “I’ve heard the climate change argument back and forth. This has nothing to do with climate change. This has to do with active forest management.”

It’s also worth noting that if climate change were to blame for wildfires, private lands would be impacted to the same extent as public lands.

But private forests aren’t burning down…


Because they are properly managed by the landowners.

5. Positive actions that could reduce the severity of wildfires are being rejected by government and union leaders.

One proposal that was made 15 years ago – after a wildfire destroyed 330 homes in San Diego – is to establish a large supplemental fire brigade – consisting of trained volunteers – to help protect neighborhoods from destruction caused by erupting ember fires.

Several European cities have such supplemental volunteer fire brigades…

But firefighter union leaders don’t want the help of volunteer citizens…

Instead, they want the government to hire more union firefighters at a cost of $150,000 or more annually.

And the more homes that burn down, the greater chance they have of reaching their goal.

They’ve hired private firefighters to protect their home as LA flies up in danger… and the other homes in their Hidden Hills, California neighborhood.

6. The ideological Deep State bureaucrats and politics have created here create a horrific, dangerous, nightmare.

California fires have been recorded from the first settlers to now.

California is like a hot desert with big wind gusts in the summer.

Dense brush and overcrowded forests are a perfect trigger for a spark.

That’s where outrageous government intervention setup the perfect fire storm.

Former Socialist Governor Jerry Brown and the California legislature declare that by 2045 California would only have renewable energy like wind and solar.

That put all the electric energy components to shift priorities away from fixing old and dangerous infrastructure to new solar and wind experiments.

The old, antiquated powerlines instead of being replaced, are ignored.

In the tragic fires of 2018, over ½ of the wildfires were started by powerlines.

Most of California electrical towers were built before I was born-before 1950.

They fall.

They create sparks.

They start fires.

In 2018, Paradise California burnt to the ground.

Homes, businesses, churches. Over 10,000 burnt to the ground.

Nothing was spared.

Worse 85 people died.

Its fire was caused by old equipment dating back to 1921. Instead of fixing it, Pacific Gas and Electric (PSE) focused state required green “energy”.

In 2018, PG & E spent $2.4 billion on green renewables. In 2017, it spent $1.4 billion on upgrading the infrastructure.

Now, there are blackouts in California where there is fire danger, because the infrastructure is so dangerous.

Bad government policy has created death and destruction.

7. Federal and state bureaucrats have the power and the resources to save the forests … save property and lives … and stop wildfires from spreading.

The U.S. Forest Service could easily – using current budget allocations – begin systematically thinning overgrown national forests at no additional costs to taxpayers.

They could auction off the timber produced – as they used to do in the past – creating income for the government.

They could reopen public meadowlands and brush ones to grazing by cattle, horses and other animals.

These forest management efforts must happen now.

The Deep State bureaucrats and “climate change” politicians must be stopped … or else the insanity will continue.

8. Other steps can be taken to prevent wildfires from starting … and to keep them from spreading when they do start.

Only a small percentage of wildfires are started by lightning or other acts of nature.

In California, almost 95% of wildfires are started by people or equipment … and about 7% of those are caused by arson.

When developers build homes and neighborhoods in undeveloped areas near dry brush and dense forests, they exacerbate the danger of wildfires and the damage they cause.

Developers and homeowners in fire prone areas should take sensible fire suppression measures:

  • Build fire breaks around neighborhoods.
  • Appeal to the state or U.S. Forest Service to thin nearby forests and remove dead trees.
  • Homeowners should thin or trim trees on their property and remove brush.
  • Homeowners should exercise extreme caution whenever using any power tool that could produce a spark when striking a rock or a metal object.

I worry about the overgrown forest ready to explode behind my mountain home…

It keeps getting worse…

The government ignores the situation – even embraces it.

9. Government bureaucrats refuse to take any responsibility for exacerbating the spread of wildfires and the destruction they cause.

Hundreds of thousands of people have had to evacuate their homes and flee their businesses due to the rapid spread of out-of-control wildfires.

Many have seen their homes and businesses destroyed by the massive wildfires…

Many have seen their investments of time, money and hard work go up in smoke.

The fear and misery resulting from these fires are thanks to bureaucrats and politicians … who desperately seek to divert attention away from their direct and indirect responsibility for the devastation and destruction caused by the fires.

They will never admit to any wrongdoing…to any neglect of forest management…or to any culpability with respect to the wildfires.

They will never admit that the lawless or terrorists setting fire should be stopped.

They will never admit that the Green Deal Policies have allowed the electoral grid to be dangerous and destructive.

Because the forests are “public land,” not private, there’s no government incentive for caring about managing it … so it keeps growing.

Sadly, this is happening across the U.S.

Only a Deep State sweep – voting out the radical environmental ideologs – will stop these massive wildfires.

Watch this PragerU video (before YouTube takes it down) on how government, politics, not climate change, is the source of the wildfire. Click here for this 5-minute video.

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  2. Add to the fire cause — chem trails that cause the fires harder to extinguish and burn much hotter.
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