Media Blackout as City Violence Increases: Fear, Violence, Theft and Death [Must See Video]

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People are living in fear.

Seniors…and women attacked.

Business owners…shut down.

Kids and “enemies”…beaten, even killed.

The number one purpose of government is protection of life and property.

But the Democrat Socialist run cities – big and small – are ignoring the problem.

Their policies have failed.

People are adjusting their lives by not leaving or going out on the street.

Some people are only leaving their homes for survival or just to go to work. Many are fleeing the cities to the suburbs.

One of the suburbs in the Los Angeles area of California is a very wealthy area called Bel Air. The elite live there. Yet that was not safe. Not only do the homeless encroach upon the rich area, but protesters, unhindered by the police, enter into private property in the neighborhood.

Not far from there is Rodeo Drive, in Beverly Hills.

You may not have seen it on the media because it was a blackout. But there were riots and looting in many of the stores.

No city is safe.

The DA and mayors use their ideology to encourage and not punish lawbreakers.

Senator Rand Paul and people coming from the White House were not safe. They were harassed and could have seen violence against them.

Policeman, sitting at restaurants or doughnut shops were harassed and attacked.

People who are simply driving or walking, suddenly find themselves surrounded by a mob of violence.

This violence against innocent people knows no skin color. It’s Black, White, Asian, and brown. All have been victims.

Tucker did a great investigative report and review of what is happening in our cities and why, and what some of the solutions are. I encourage you to watch this video very carefully.

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